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  1. LindPW

    Marbleous Pictures

    Amber slag
  2. LindPW


    Wow I have no idea why my picture is that big. Sorry
  3. LindPW


    This is a giant piece of furnace brick in one of my 1” Master shooters.
  4. LindPW

    Little mib 1/2

    You wouldn’t be talking about me would you?😏
  5. LindPW

    Little mib 1/2

    Master! Oooo I love that! If you ever think of letting it go , please let me know. Thanks
  6. LindPW

    Marbleous Pictures

    Here’s one of my favorite shots. These are called Tributes. They are my own design and are around 9/16”.
  7. LindPW

    Id help.

    I’d go with Asian. The surface looks like orange peel.
  8. LindPW

    Making my own Marbles!

    I will be sure to tell him! The amber “slag” is my favorite out of this group. I think I see more colored transparent bases in the future.
  9. LindPW

    Making my own Marbles!

    New marbles!!! Now this first one, I can’t take credit for. My very talented father spun this beauty. Just under 15/16” Eventually I’ll get to that level(I hope) But until then here are a few of my newest mibs.
  10. LindPW

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    Thank you! Alley it is! 👍
  11. LindPW

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    Any thoughts? Champion maybe?
  12. LindPW

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    Thank you! I’ve had that marble for a while and never really knew where it fit in.
  13. LindPW

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    Do these belong here?
  14. LindPW

    ID Help! New to me 🤷‍♂️

    I was thinking a Christensen striped opaque. But I didn’t want to be that bold.😂😂 Mk never would have crossed my mind.
  15. Pretty confident I’ve never seen one like this. It is very intriguing. 5/8”