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  1. Davidleatherman

    Ally’s? Dark purple base

  2. Davidleatherman

    Modern Marbles?

    I believe that sea horse is it! Thanks
  3. Davidleatherman

    Modern Marbles?

    I am still working on my identification skills. Any input is appreciated!
  4. Davidleatherman


    Thanks all for your input!
  5. Davidleatherman


    Would these all fit in the Alley-West Virginia category?
  6. Davidleatherman

    A few more I need help with

    I will add some pictures. Some of the color goes deep into marble.
  7. Davidleatherman

    ID help

    I think it is a brick but I haven’t been around enough to know for sure.
  8. Davidleatherman

    Handmade ID help

    Thanks a lot!
  9. Davidleatherman

    Pelt ID help

    Thanks, and I will add some pictures. The bands go deep into marble.
  10. Davidleatherman

    ID help

    Wasn’t sure on these. Any input is appreciated! These were with a bunch of corkscrews, the pelts I have in the other post, and the handmade marbles.
  11. Davidleatherman

    Pelt ID help

    I bought a jar of marbles and these were some I am calling pelts. The blue one looks like a Spider-Man to me.
  12. Davidleatherman

    Handmade ID help

    The left one looks a bit like a peppermint except it doesn’t have blue in it.
  13. Davidleatherman

    A few more

    Thanks for your input!