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  1. Ya, thanks its ebay so i will be ok if the seller doesnt want to adjust the price. Im trying not to get too attached before its settled
  2. Ugh, just got these. Was supposed to be 200+, theres 149, about 20 of which are badly damaged (cracked, or more than 10% missing in large chips). There are some nice ones, but it brings the price i paid close to 30 cents each
  3. Cj91030


    Cool, i bought them earlier today. I cant wait to see em in person theres 20 in the lot, and these are some of the nicer ones. A little over half of em looked nice to me.
  4. Cj91030


    How do these guys look? Are these real antique? Whats the age and value range?
  5. Cool, thanks for the help. I got some german lattacinos today, for like 5$ each. I should be recieving these soon.
  6. Thank you, I just bought the lot at about 15 cents each. I just got into making boro marbles and my vintage marble collection was looking pretty sad. I just wanted to make sure they were what they were advertised as. Now I need to get a couple lattacinos
  7. Ok thanks, what's the value per marble for a lot like this? 15 cents each?
  8. Do you see many good marbles, or is this mostly cheap marble kings? vintage "bumblebee", oxbloods, swirls, corkscrews, patches, etc. These marbles range from 5/8" to 11/16" with a few 1" shooters.
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