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  1. I was told these are hard to Id
  2. First one I have seen
  3. Dan


    5/8 sure it's not Vacor
  4. 5/8 And thinking orange slag
  5. Dan

    I'd help please (orange slag?)

    Thank you Steph and westcoast_Dave
  6. 5/8 have not seen any like this
  7. Dan

    I'd help please

    5/8 Look kinda Vetro has brownis black line like oxblood
  8. You have to look close 2 pictures have seams, any help please
  9. Dan

    9/16 I'd help please

    Approx 9/16 Have never seen one like this, Alley?
  10. Dan

    5/8 new pictures

    Better pictures for you. The one on the left Jas a cork pattern
  11. Dan

    I'd help please

    Approx 9/16 Have never seen one like this
  12. Dan

    5/8 new pictures

  13. Dan


    Please explain important of UV, terms of htf and increased value? Thank you Dan
  14. Dan

    9/16 I'd help please

    Thank you
  15. Dan

    Revisted id help

    Marble Allen site talks of.Dug Experimental from 3/4 to over 1in mabe.
  16. Dan

    Need help

    Not sure pontoon, old or new? Thank you Dan
  17. Dan

    5/8 mib

    Have no clue on this type
  18. Dan

    I'd help please

    Only one I have
  19. Dan

    1 more thankr

    Have a bunch of these help me learn Thank you Dan
  20. Dan

    5/8 pelt

    Diff. pattern nice mib
  21. Dan

    5/8 pelt

    Was reading post about this color and different base glass what is the order of hard to find in base I have green and almost looks black. I know they said blue htf
  22. Dan

    5/8 pelt

    Thank you
  23. Dan

    I'd help please