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  1. Dan3087

    Id help

    More marbles found under floor in 150yr old farm house. They look new.
  2. Dan3087

    Id help

    I know it's a German handmade onionskin but I'd like to put it up on ebay, see if I can sell to get some money to buy more marbles. No idea value but saw one very similar for 63$! 9/16 in diameter. So I guess what I'm asking is a good starting price(i know I probably won't get 60) any idea of a maker? And any other info about the marble I should put in the listing. Thankyou🤗
  3. Dan3087

    Id help

    Here's some pictures of the possible cac with vegetable oil rubbed on it.
  4. Dan3087

    Id please

    I will do that and post some better pictures.
  5. Dan3087

    Id please

    Did they make 3 colored hand gatherd?
  6. Dan3087

    Id please

    I know the first 4 are clay, I think the one on the end is also? Can't find anything similar online, any ideas?
  7. Dan3087

    Id please

    The two all the way to the right found while tilling a spot for a garden.
  8. Lol awesome thanks Steph! I'll let him know.
  9. There's one more picture, I'm having a hard time uploading it.
  10. A guy I work with recently bought a slingshot and told me he was shooting marbles😖 Told him to send me some pictures, now I'm no expert by a long shot but these all look pretty common to me.. he thinks some of them may be hand made, not perfectly round and many imperfections. I know it's tough to put a price on them all together but anyone have a rough number? And anyone see anything special that stands out?
  11. Trying to convince my wife to let me tear up the rest of the floors lol. It was actually in a squirrels nest under the 2nd floor so I'm thinking they may have been in the attic originally. There's probably a bag full marbles up there somewhere lol. Here's a pic of some other treasures I found with the marbles.
  12. I'm thinking about going to a bunch of antique shops around this weekend here to do some marble hunting. Anyone here ever have luck with that? This will be my first time actually going out too look for them and possibly buying some. Any suggestions/tips?
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