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  1. SUPFisher

    And another...

    The pair are .75, and the stand alone is 1.22. Any idea the names?
  2. SUPFisher

    And another...

  3. SUPFisher

    And another...

    Are all three of these Vitro? The first blue pair (right all the way down, left all the way down) seem to have the characteristic "lips" pattern. And the third (mustard brown) has the "V".
  4. SUPFisher

    New to this, any Ideas?

    Right on, and thanks! Here is the same marble; having a little fun with a blacklight.
  5. SUPFisher

    New to this, any Ideas?

    first attempt at photographing as well
  6. Hi my name is Blake. I have been collecting marbles for a while, but have zero skills in identifying them. Which is why I am here. I am fond of quite a few in my collection, but have no clue the "rarity" or names. My guess is nothing too rare, but hey its all for fun right! Here are a few pictures for y'all to get the conversation rolling. Any input helps, and looking forward to learning! The forum would not allow me to share the image files due to the size, so here is a link to image gallery: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1wv0j0522/