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  1. Mr Meteorite

    Mostly Pix - Vitro

  2. Mr Meteorite

    Mostly Pix - Vitro

    Here's one that after looking at it, I thought maybe pelt, but was IDed as vitro, I really like it, any idea what type of vitro it may be? Thanks in advance, Joe
  3. Mr Meteorite

    Modern or vintage

    One on right looks Vacor, and left looks like newer MK. Both would be "modern"
  4. Mr Meteorite

    Unknown help needed with ID please

    Looks a little pelty to me..
  5. Mr Meteorite


  6. Mr Meteorite

    Sound off!

  7. Mr Meteorite

    Id req.

    After looking more, I'd take Akro off the table, I think I'd go MFC x 3
  8. Mr Meteorite

    Id req.

    #1 reminds me of Akro as does #2 a little bit #3 MFC But I'm new and not very sure on any of em, but I'd probably go Akro on #1
  9. Mr Meteorite

    Id req.

    Looks like a German striped opaque to me.
  10. Mr Meteorite

    Id req.

    I have that exact green base in some rainbos, but the patch color I haven't seen, but there is more I haven't seen then I have seen lol
  11. Mr Meteorite


    Peltier Glass Toy Marbles. An American legend. Sami(machine made) is the(one of three) author of this awesome book. I highly recommend it!!!!
  12. Mr Meteorite


    X2 foreign
  13. Mr Meteorite


    Here are a few pics of submarines from the pelt book Sorry about the crappy pics.
  14. Mr Meteorite

    Show off your pelt rainbo's

    Metallics might be my favorite. Killer bos everyone!!!! Please keep em coming!