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  1. Michelle334

    Id help

  2. Michelle334

    Any ideas on this monster?

    I thought the same thing..... I believe it is a marble King, a rainbow of sorts? Patch? What are your thoughts
  3. Michelle334

    Any ideas on this monster?

    Found this in a jar I bought over the weekend... any ideas? It does have 2 seams
  4. Michelle334

    Is this a Vitro Agate?

    Thanks, that was quick! Kudos, for some reason was thinking valor but never researched...Thanks for the Welcome!
  5. Michelle334

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello all, I have been on the lookout for marbles about 2 years now since I was bit by the bug... I have tried to do as much research as possible but have found out it is impossible to ID every Marble I come across, so Much to learn ...aarrgh, look forward to chatting with all of you.... Michelle
  6. Michelle334

    Is this a Vitro Agate?

    Hello all, I am fairly new to the Marble world, was wondering what the maker of this Marble might be, I want to say Vitro Agate ... not sure, any help appreciated.... Michelle