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  1. kruchiver

    The Fun of Marbles

    Thanks Steph. He does have a crazy memory. He could spell his own name before he turned 2 and could count in sets of 13's before he was 5. I think the thumbs down may have come from somebody on reddit who suggested the video was better when the video was muted. You have to love a good keyboard warrior!!
  2. Hi Everyone, As most of you would know my son and I have been doing a series of marble races on our youtube channel. Well given we have made quite a few videos now, I put together a small trailer (< 1 min long) showing some of the highlights of just how much fun marbles can be. Here is a link to the video. I hope you like it!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgyzqqbArwg
  3. kruchiver

    We just hit 100 subscribers

    Thanks Steph. Most of it has been down to your support, which we really appreciate. Yes hopefully the new year we can keep up the momentum and be a bit more creative in what we do.
  4. Our channel just hit 100 subscribers today. Thankyou to all of you, especially Steph for helping us get our channel off the ground. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq7SP5wLibk_O5ywFOMzrbA
  5. kruchiver

    C'mon peeps!

    Wow thank you sooooo much everyone!!!!! You are all legends. You're support is greatly appreciated!!! Here is our latest video. I think this is my favourite so far https://youtu.be/EoLOA5tkK_k
  6. kruchiver


    Thanks Steph. Here is the first race of Group B too: https://youtu.be/wZYoO9XFSnQ
  7. Our marble tournament has now finally commenced. This is the first race for Group A in the Superdash Marbles Tournament https://youtu.be/oDC-oCtLWd4
  8. I know it was a sad day... Luckily we had about 12 more at home. lol
  9. I went on a 12km hike with my 6 year old son and my wife to record a marble run on remote beach in Tasmania. At the end of it we lost 3 marbles in the surf. Here is a link to the full video. https://youtu.be/VsfmMo2GCug
  10. kruchiver

    Newbie here !

    Welcome aboard
  11. kruchiver

    8 Marble Head to Head race

    Thanks Steph. Getting there. Up to 34 now
  12. A simple 8 marble head to head elimination race with plenty of "toilet bowls". https://youtu.be/6Ml4TdcySaQ
  13. Something a bit different this time. Quick fire Marbles v Hot Wheels races. 4 marbles v 4 Hot Wheels. Check out the link to watch the full video https://youtu.be/-zRlvnChpP8
  14. kruchiver

    Head to Head Marble Racing

    Thank you very much Steph. You're a legend. No B-roll is a video term to refer to secondary footage away from the main footage. So in my case the main footage is the race itself. Whereas the opening scenes of the marbles run and track is the secondary B-roll. The B-roll is something I added compared to the other two videos we have done so far.