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  1. Thanks! So is it called Cairo Novelty WV Swirl with UV and out of round? Thanks for your help.
  2. Here are the photos wvrons requested for the glowing one that I have. Thanks for helping me identify it.
  3. Thanks! I will get some pics of the one that glows within the next few days.
  4. Thanks wvrons. So the 2 on the left are Jabo? Any id for the glowing one in the blacklight image? Here are closer pics of the top right marble which I believe is 5/8.
  5. CinM

    ID needed...

    Hello, Does anyone know what this type of shooter is? I have 10 of them with varying widths between the ... lines/ribbons? Is the redish brown what they call oxblood? They are around the size of a quarter. Thanks everyone.
  6. Hi everyone, Do you think the following one is a CHRISTENSEN YELLOW Opaque circa 1904-1917? It has quite a few chips but is maybe .61 a little larger than the size of a nickel. Also, seems to sparkle a bit near the chips.
  7. Mibber, yes on testing with black-light. I do have one here that does glow as a comparison. Any id on that one?
  8. Cool, Thanks! I'll check back for their response. Until then I will check into Alley and Champion. On the Vitro, Is this one a phantom or ?? ...and what is the difference.
  9. Thanks! Steph, do you think those two on the left could be Jabo as well? Also, the lower right one is much smaller in size than the others. Does that make a difference in type Alley or Champion swirl? Thanks for all of your help.
  10. Thanks for you quick reply. Here are a couple more views.
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