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  1. The second marble pelt rainbo?
  2. Thanks y'all are awesome 😊♥️
  3. JSinor18


    Lol alright was told it was an akro sparkler
  4. That's too bad really. I still go sit with him and pick through his marbles every time I go see him he gives me a new one 😊 love it
  5. Should I start a new thread for each set for ID?
  6. I kind of got a modern feel with all 3 of these but idk wasn't able to get a real good shot of the clear side of the first one. Thanks for your time and info!
  7. Thank you much appreciated! The brownish one you're probably right on a friend let me pick through some of his marbles a huge variety all mixed together I liked it for some reason but figured it was probably new but still personally think it's got character. Pee wees are my favorite.
  8. JSinor18


    Thanks a bunch
  9. My son picked this one out he's got a good eye
  10. While we're here on the subject... The first 2 show one with bluish base color second is grey...
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