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  1. Hello everyone, The third event of the marble toy Olympics is here, hurdles. Check it out en please leave a comment, like and maybe even subscribe https://youtu.be/_D-PqdKvvdI Thank you!
  2. Hi steph, Thank you for your comment and sub! I am still working on a balanced speed of the marbles. Real life marbles are to fast (my opinion) and you are absolutely right, I have watched my own video again and it looks a little slow. Thanks for pointing that out!. Next video I am working on is a event with hurdles and definitely will increase the speed! Thank you!!
  3. Hello all! Here is event 2 of the Marble Toy Olimpics, Long Jump. https://youtu.be/FuDbG2UeErs Leave a comment or subscribe if you like it! Each week I will try to make a new event! Stay tuned! Tips or suggestions are always welcome! Thank you!
  4. Hi steph, Thank you for replying! I use unreal engine to make these computer generated races. It is a free program that is relatively easy to learn and has some reasonable physics. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube about unreal, if you want to learn these computer generated races. By the way if you like them could you please subscribe to my channel? :$ I need the subs and views to get thing rolling
  5. Hello all! I am new to this forum and new to youtube and making videos. So I want to ask you all if you have a little bit of spare time to watch my video and give suggestions and tips. I know it's a lot to ask, especially because I am new here but I have to start somewhere here is the link https://youtu.be/zgGXIV8mibo thank you very much!!
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