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  1. Also that blue color is not a popular color for jabo's.
  2. wvrons, Every time I read your replies I learn something. Please continue sharing your knowledge with us because we do learn from you!!...at least I do Thank you.
  3. Jose


    No Problem Steph that's how we learn. Thanks wvrons!
  4. Jose


    I also noticed the size difference..That alone can change everything. Thanks Steph.
  5. I have these that look similar and they are Jabo but don't know if they are the same as yours. Don't bother asking what run they are..Ask wvron he would know..For Sure.
  6. Jose


    Steph, I was basing it on these fellas.
  7. Jose

    Are these new

    Steph, I always get this pattern mixed with Vacor.
  8. #3 #4 #5 possibly Jabo especially by the buttcrack(U shape pattern) on #3 on pic 4. I could be wrong...And have been.
  9. Jose


    I'll put my money on Jabo.
  10. Jose

    Strange one

    I would say no to a jabo but lately I've been wrong sooo.
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