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  1. Jose

    Help ID 38

    I will have to agree however the two yellow ones in the middle are of higher quality and I saw some similar from the 1995 jabo release so I will have to do further research of those two. Sad story, I was going thru them and one of the yellow ones fell of the table ran across the carpet slipped under my screen door rolled out to the balcony and flew off the second story. Landed and chipped itself. I guess it wanted to get away
  2. Jose

    Help ID 37

    Here we have a few of the ones I bought.
  3. Jose

    Help ID 36

    So brief story, met a fellow veteran that was selling 1,600 marbles. I took a look at the pics and decided to jump on the offer. I met with him this morning and he tells me that he used to work at a Antique store in Pennsylvania and that's where he got them from. I will be posting pics of those marbles but I have a strong feeling that most are jabos and in 9-10 condition on most of them. Here's a few of the 1 inch ones that I don't know what they are..besides beautiful.
  4. Jose

    Help ID 35

    I did not know that. I've learned something new tonight. Thank you wvrons.
  5. Jose

    Help ID 33

    So it's defective or was exposed to heat?
  6. Jose

    Help ID 35

    This red white and blue fella is about 1.35 inches in diameter. Looks like a vacor or modern Asian to me.
  7. Jose

    Help ID 34

    Are these peltier or master or marble king or something else? The smaller one has 3 vanes and the rest have 4.
  8. Jose

    Help ID 33

    This old buddy looks tired and is lop sided. Can anyone give me a round about age? I figured it was hand made hence the flat surface but not sure. WV Swirl? Thanks
  9. Jose

    Jabo in the Mail

    Not interested as long as they make my eyes smile.
  10. Just received these beauties from an eBay seller. Jabo different sizes and I am completely satisfied with all of them.
  11. That green one does it for me.
  12. Jose

    Help ID 32

    Glow in the dark, those 2 solid white ones have a nice pattern to them.
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