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  1. Wife said it was similar to a Pachisi, Parcheesi game.
  2. Saw my young cousins playing this game. I never played it myself but decided to share a picture with the forum.
  3. Jose

    Help ID 52

    I'll guess Early 2000's.
  4. Jose

    Help ID 52

    Also worth noting that they were purchased in Mexico... $3 bucks a bag.
  5. Jose

    Help ID 52

    Thank you for the input, the packaging is for the Latin American market so no English and the label is circular. I'm having the typical buyer's remorse...should of bought more
  6. Welcome aboard, If you'd like for us to lend you a hand ID them please take pictures of about 4-5 marbles at a time. It helps with the ID process.
  7. Thats is a lovely color that I wish I had
  8. Jose

    Help ID 52

    Picked these bags up this weekend. I know they are mega marbles but don't know from around what time period. Did some digging around the WWW but found nothing. Any assistance would be appreciated, Thank you.
  9. I am also new but I will take a swing at it. Jabo, Vacor,Vacor.
  10. Can they be put in water to see if they float?
  11. I will take a jab at it but I'm relatively new to this. Modern Asian Imperial perhaps?
  12. That is absolutely true, the number one driver will have to be demand.
  13. I was going to say vacor spaghetti.
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