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  1. Jose

    Help ID 15

  2. Jose

    Help ID 14

    The first two, the wood and blue looking ones are damaged at the bottom but still look nice.
  3. Our Pleasure to Serve this great Nation.
  4. Jose

    Help ID 11

    Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with me.
  5. Jose

    Help ID 13

    That third one..Lovely.
  6. Jose

    Help ID 12

    It's White.
  7. I guess I'm up. I played marbles in the streets of Mexico as a youth and never lost the interest of marbles. I only had the cat eyed type and sometimes a shooter here and there but I never knew the culture, History and Collection ability that Marbles had. A week or so ago I purchased a few thousand marbles from a Gentleman that's been collection them for over 40 years and within that collection I received the Marbles that you fellas have been assisting me in Identifying. Here's a picture with my friend in Afghanistan before she was sacrificed(I'm the one on the left!). I am currently Retired from the Military did 13 Usmc and 7 Army, 3 Iraq 1 Afghanistan. Shows that Marbles are in all walks of life. Semper Fi.
  8. Jose

    Help ID 12

    Three different ones with some wear showing.
  9. Jose

    Help ID 11

    Vitro right? Also larger 0.734 so almost 3/4 inch.
  10. Jose

    Help ID 10

    Here's a larger fella. Measures 0.745 so almost 3/4 inch or 18.93mm.
  11. Jose

    Help ID 9 Defect

    And I didn't, Thanks. Although from what I've learned from you guys if the crystal is greenish and NOT clear then it's an Import.
  12. Jose

    Help ID 9 Defect

    Found this rascal with a piece of rock inside.
  13. Jose

    Help ID 8

    My personal favorite so far.
  14. Jose

    Help ID 7

    Here's more.