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  1. Thank youi @Alan ! I appreciate the insider view, and I completely agree with you which is the cause of my frustration. Still looking around, but I'm beginning to lean towards a possible "unknown" maker.... Mark
  2. Thank you @TerryT35! Looking around, I can't find any solid information about Jesse Carpenter as a glass artist/maker. Do you happen to have a link available to some of his works that I might be missing? Thank you in advance. Not sure if this is the same person that you are referencing, but found a little information about Earl "Jesse" Carpenter of Blenko Glass...although I'm also not finding about his works, except some generic Blenko pieces. Thank you again! Mark
  3. Thank you again @Steph! To let you all know that I'm not totally lazy in my research (lol), here are some of the artists and results that I found, with no conclusive results. Used this list plus other artist my research uncovered: Jim Cooprider, but he appears to have been an artist mostly in the 1980's?, but no comparable signature that I could find. Joe Crisanti appears to have a cane like stamp that he uses, not an etched signature, and his style seems very much different than my example. Jared Csakany -- no examples found Jason Compagni -- only one real example that I could find, and his signature was his full name, not the "JC" I was looking for Jerry Capel -- I suppose this artist is a possibility, as he has been known for making marbles, but I cannot find a comparable signature or similar examples. John Choko -- Did sign pieces "JC", but unfortunately passed away in 1991. Jean Claude Novaro -- Another slim possibility, he did sign his name "J C Novaro" but his signature style is different, and he seems to specialize in mediums other than marbles. JC Herrell -- Cannot find an example to compare, especially the signature, appears this artist specializes in glass beads primarily.
  4. Thank you @Steph... taking a look now. Hoping I can find a silver bullet Mark
  5. Hello all! Been having some trouble trying to find the maker/artist of this larger glass marble.Nice glass, spiral marble, about 2" inches in diameter with very vibrant colors (more vibrant than the lousy pics I posted). Signed on the bottom pole "JC 07".Possibly, it's hard to tell, but there could be a C and a line over the signature that looks kinda like this:C--------JC 07I know nothing about the history of the marble, but there is a possibility that it was purchased in Bellevue, WA, so there's always a chance it's an unknown local to that area. Found a couple of ideas as to the identity of the artist online, but nothing definitive. One of the artists I found as a possibility is Jerry Capel (sp?), but don't know Many thanks in advance for the Mark
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