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  1. Just would like some help again. I was thinking these might be WV swirls but I'm such a newbie! The last one I'm guessing is Asia modern. Second from the right has a clear base with a bubble in the middle. The first one is opalescent if that helps. Thanks again. Learning as I go. On the forum everyday!
  2. Tried to take closer pictures but I can only get so close. Thanks again. Hope it helps.
  3. I'll see what I can do. I'll take closer pictures.
  4. Any thoughts on the far right?
  5. It's been awhile since I posted some marbles but I have more that I would appreciate help on. Tried to take the best pictures I could. Attempted to take pictures of the cut lines or what I think are cut lines. The last one on the right is well played with. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks all for the help!
  7. Great! Interesting facts. Thanks again.
  8. Have more marbles to ID. Fifth marble from the left glows under UV light. The first 4 are around .6" and the last are .5". The third has chips unfortunately. Thanks again for your help. I don't want to be pesty 😬.
  9. Maybe this should be easy to ID but I could use some help. Hopefully the pictures help. Tried to get the seams lined up. Picked out all the yellow ones I have that are different. I surely appreciate it. I forgot to measure the diameter so if that helps I'll do that.
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