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  1. Thank you! That is an awesome explanation. I knew that the first collectible run in '99 used Fenton but I didn't know it was used at other times.
  2. Motown


    I think the first three are akro. 4 and 5 I'm clueless on and 5 is not even round.
  3. Motown


    I believe it is 5/8 and it is more red in hand.
  4. Motown


    Thanks! I'm always happy when it's not just me who can't tell what it is.
  5. Motown

    Id please

    I was almost in love, now heart is breaking.
  6. Motown

    Id please

    .95 inches. She is a looker!
  7. Motown

    Id please

    Every time I see pretty colors I'm scared it's jabo.
  8. I haven't seen one of these before
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