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  1. Such a shame that all these images are gone.
  2. This is absolutely amazing technology. Thanks for sharing!
  3. It’s really funny that you would post this, as I just saw my first ever marble vending machine the other day and posted about it. There were marble vending machines back in the day, but the one you saw is a home modified Acorn gum ball machine for sure. Here’s a real one: I wouldn’t buy the one you saw, particularly if it’s expensive. Gumball vending machines can be had for a song, and I would think it should be able to dispense marbles with minimum modification (maybe none at all depending on what it was dispensing before).
  4. I saw this marble vending machine at an antique shop in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Looked like it had a mix of cheap cats eyes and some oldies. I saw at least one German latticino and a couple Benningtons in it. Looked like it had a black light in the machine and there were a few hot Vaseline glass marbles in there. Has anyone seen any of these anywhere else?
  5. Dog? Tiger? Polar bear? A giraffe named Louis in the French Revolution?
  6. Thank you, Steph! The finish on that one was throwing me off. It it looks like my friend and I happened across a few of those wirepulls in a very nice dark amber color. Pardon the poor photos.
  7. I recently acquired several hundred marbles (long story), and suddenly found myself in the world of mibdom. I’ve been studying and reading everything I can find and have learned a lot, but have a few questions. 1. This marble (see attached picture) has me stumped. It has a satin finish, and the colors seem unusual. Limited fluorescence under UV, although the colors look a bit fluorescent under normal light. I can provide more pics if necessary. 2. Would someone please explain what defines a wirepull, and how they were made? I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but want to try and work it out on my own as much as possible first. I appreciate your help. Thank you!
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