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  1. I got these two in with some red marble king Rainbows #2 doesn't look like one or does #4 either #8 & #10 are the reds. 4 looks like an akro it has some transparency to it. #2 has a real deep red to it. Could these just be mistakes?
  2. Im interested! How do I get ahold of you?
  3. Cool history lesson there thats the kind of info I like. I don't worry about prices. I have a bunch of cages from the seventies all colors were mine when I was younger. But this is the only 8 cage I have and its blue I love all blue marbles can't get enough. And got lucky with this one. Thanks again folks.
  4. Akro you say hhhmm didn't think that.
  5. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it.
  6. Yeah my guesses for all of them were spit on thats good news. 7 N 8 are some nice colorings. 1 is a nice one hey here you go don't laugh hear me out since its a reddish orange blending into green we can temporary call it a ( carrot and celery) well what do you think lol. I got a couple of those on 11 they all have depth in them. So does the all red and blue the white has depth to it that lights up nicely. Thanks
  7. Hhmm 2 and 4 look like vitros The 8 looks like an alley but are you saying 2 isn't a vitro or do you mean 12 is an alley? Since the one is hiding under the shooter.
  8. Some stragglers from this new batch. 2&4 I think are Vitro's 8 is a WV swirl, 10 is a swirl or jabo not sure thats why I ask I don't know it all.lol 12 I have no idea. Maybe newer I'm not sure at all. Any help is appreciated thanks for looking.
  9. I got these with my last batch of marbles. They are all Vitro's but the color combinations are ones I don't have. 1 is nice with the red and green. 2,3,4 are the same amber glass with the colors lavender and blue. 5 amber glass with white and blue with a green streak. 6 is nice I like the red in the black at top. 7 unique colors grey and white and black. 8 nice black and blue and grey with white streaks at each end. 9 an all red with depth in the line in the middle with nice swirl on the blue. 10 another all red but only has shine on one end maybe at one time it was in water? 11 a nice all blackie with nice depth in the middle line. 12 nice five color one blue green orange and white and black. If any of these have a special name let me know. Thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks it was hard to capture the black in them all, I know what hybrids are I have alot of them. Its just all the black strands in each of them make them look cool. Thanks for the information.
  11. Thanks people for the information.
  12. I got these with the last batch. I have a bunch of hybrids. My question is are these considered hybrids or are these something different. It looks like black hair or streams of something black. Any help will be appreciated. (I love the red and black ones)
  13. I got these two cateyes with this last batch. Number 11 is an old six cage I've had since I was young but my question is? Number 9 is an 8 cage this is the only one I have of this kind any idea who made them and is this common. Part two Number 7 is a 12 cage same as above who what? Lol
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