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  1. Thanks Steph, is there a name for the bottom multicolored one?
  2. Second set of the day. I believe these four to be Imperials. Any help would be appreciated thanks for looking have a Marbelous day.
  3. Hello first of two today the first one I think are this Akro,Master,Vitro,???. Any help would be appreciated thanks for looking have a Marbelous day.
  4. Thanks steph I was getting a Christensen vibe from that one and the one above it (yellow &red). The first two have been giving me Champion vibes. You know I really enjoy collecting and learning about these beautiful little pieces of art and the help I get from you and others are a great blessing. Have a good day.
  5. Yeaaaaaaah I finally got one. Thanks steph it was very hard to get a good enough pic but thanks again.
  6. PROrtiz212


    Hello I am wondering if this qualifys for what people call a eyelash plus I think its a Akro or Vitro not sur either any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  7. Im not sure what happened to the post getting put up multiple times.
  8. Hello I got these three here I believe the first one to be an Master and the second and third Akros but I could be wrong.
  9. Hello here are 4 I'm having trouble with any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  10. Close ups it does look like a Marble King but then a Peltier but the deep blue reminds me of an Alley blue.
  11. Nice Thanks again Steph. It has a home now.
  12. Thanks steph ill put the odd ball with the rest of the oddballs until it finds a home.
  13. Yes I did and let me tell you I don't own any that react to it I bought the light months ago. I turned out the lights and hit it with the blacklight it lite up like a lightning bug I almost swear that it lite up the room. So to answer your question Yes. Light on, light off, light on back up.
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