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  1. After looking closer at the seams I'm still undecided
  2. After looking at the link from Steph looks like Vacor Turtle it is
  3. Thank all that has answered. I will take all advise into consideration
  4. could it be Master or Imperial
  5. maybe its cutlines or seams
  6. This one is 31/32" only two pictures is any good or almost good one of each would they be poles
  7. Thank you Steph Thats where it will go
  8. Here is another I need Help with Please. its light green with a big V made of oxblood 57/64" just a little over 7/8". The V goes from top to bottom. any help would be wonderful
  9. Ravenswood...... the next to last one see light purple
  10. I tried to back lite to show the transparent light purple base but it looks more blue than in real life but you can see in 154748 the base light purple
  11. I'm glad I only have 1 because I am not a vacor fan. Thank You wvrons
  12. Can you Please Help with ID on this one. its the only one That I have with this color.
  13. Could this be a multi color Peltier Rainbow
  14. could it be a transparent swirl by Alley
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