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  1. Wow! I just have to say BEAUTIFUL!
  2. Hi Steph, Thanks! I don't think the second one is a Ravenswood because it doesn't have all the nice ribbons that I thought Ravenswoods have. I need to go to a marble show to see good examples of marbles in real life.
  3. Hi Everyone, I bought these about a year ago at an antique store as Ravenswoods, but I've heard that Ravenswoods are hard to distinguish from other West Virginia swirls and I have my doubts about these, especially the first one because I heard that the ribbons of a Ravenswood can be wild. I figured that I'd just put it out there, being that many of you are very familiar with this make and colors that you can tell right off the bat. I've tried to "quarter turn" them. 1. an opaque brownish orange in sunlight ( but in my light box it looks more mauve)seems to be the base, the swirl is a translucent green with white and seems to have some of the brownish orange in it as well. .60". 2. a clear base in sunlight that seems to turn into dark brown when taken away; the swirl is of an opaque white and translucent tan. .60". 3. a minty green base--not sure if it is opaque but I can see slits of translucence so the green seems to swirl around with the translucent blue ribbon and a touch of white, too. .58" 4. light blue base with translucent orange swirl and a little opaque white that follows the swirl here and there. .61". 5. Opaque white base with an translucent olive green swirl that looks a like pine green out of the light. .62" I've added another photo of the marbles under LED lighting that totally changes the colors and makes my descriptions above sound inaccurate. I think they are beautiful so if they are not Ravenswoods, I won't be too disappointed. Thanks for your help.
  4. Oops, forgot to add-- "in my extremely novice opinion."
  5. I'm new to marbles but just found out that one of my marbles was probably foreign made and for some reason the first thing that came to mind when I saw this pic was foreign, too. I think it has to do with the colors. The older marbles are richer in color.
  6. The marble looks like it is well-made. I guess it is my Master-Wannabe. Thanks for your help!
  7. Actually, I had a hunch that it might be an Imperial, but was hoping that is was an Akro or Master. I guess I have to admit that the colors do look off. Thanks for the reality check! (Also, when I think about it, I've never seen a green like that in the Akros that I have.)
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm slowly trying to identify the marbles that I've pick up here and there. The patch has pinkish red, white, and browns. Thinking this one might be an akro since it glows under blacklight. It also has a flat looking seam. But the browns remind me of the ones I have in some of my sunbursts. No lashes. It is .66" in size. Thanks for your help!
  9. Or maybe the circle is from a reheat where a glass rod was detached? It certainly does swirl! Thanks!
  10. Here's a marble that I just got in a lot. Basically, this is the marble that caught my eye. I loved all the drizzly glass and the grayish blue color. While I was looking at it more closely, I noticed an outline of a circle that I thought might be some kind of pontil, so I'm thinking a slag because of the tail, a transitional because of the pontil like circle, and CAC because it is one of the earlier companies that made slags. Any confirmations or differing opinions appreciated! The last pic shows the circle.
  11. Also, thank you Wvrons for the response about the whitie. Yes, the colors definitely are more vibrant on the older marbles which was why I had to ask about the one I posted.
  12. Ahh...might not have thought about it if you didn’t ask the question! I guess you know that it is a blackie since you have the bag. Interesting.
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