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  1. It seems that tasks take twice the effort because of covid19. Just to get groceries, I’m mapping my path to open the least amount of doors, trying to develop a routine of where to keep my only bottle of hand sanitizer, not rubbing my eyes, social distancing, sanitizing everything when I get back into the house...I haven’t been able to get to my marbles to post for id help or to try out the gallery, but I do enjoy checking to see everyone else’s posts for the time being—until I get my routine going smoothly. Be safe!
  2. Just imagine! People used to play with those marbles!! : P
  3. Sure does help! Thanks! And, I will make sure that my diva, Star stays out of the photos! She already has a selected photo on a Yelp site with her head in a cup. : P
  4. Hi Everyone, Just wondering what are the rules and guidelines for posting photos on the gallery. Also, what is the limit for posting here? I did see a question about deleting and it sounds like the staff is in charge of that. Correct? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Well, now I will have to look for a kokomo to do the comparison, Peltier Mibber! I curious about what I'll find in a comparison of the two!
  6. Popcorn Knight. Lately, every night's been a popcorn night!
  7. That would be nice! They are pretty amazing , all the strands of color...Thanks!
  8. Thanks! The cynic in me always thinks if something looks special, it's probably not what I think it is. LOL! But I have to say, some of my favorite marbles are Jabos and Vacors.
  9. LOL! You must have a clean house! 😉
  10. Great collection!! I probably wouldn't be able to resist playing with it if I had one! My favorite is the spirally tower with the solid cup. I would think you'd have to go to an auction to find these. I've never seen them in a shop or at a flea. Thanks for sharing your photos!
  11. Ha! Don't know what made me use "clockwise" instead of "left to right"! Maybe marbles have gotten me to think in circles! Thanks! I've never heard of a "Perfection" box. The Akro must have been gorgeous in mint condition because it is impressive even with so many dings on it! I'm thinking that the Champions were part of a dug find because of all the little pieces of imbedded dirt. They've all enjoyed a good outdoor life, but like my cats, they are now indoor marbles that are beautifully aged. Thanks!
  12. Marbleized


    Hi Everyone, I came across these when putting away the marbles from my post a couple of minutes ago and decided to see if I could get positive identification on them. At first, I was thinking Master Marble Sunbursts, but the clear glass base reminds me of a Vitro. So Vitro would be my first guess. Master is my second. Foreign, like an Imperial would be my third, but these seem to be nice quality marbles. I think these came from a bag, but I didn't label them so can't be sure... They are 0.65' btw. Thanks!
  13. Just wondering if someone can help with identifying these marbles. Here are my guesses (clockwise, starting from top right--couldn't rotate) 1. Akro 0.68" base is clear cherry red w/ opaque white swirl 2. Jabo, but hoping Peltier 0.65" looks to be totally opaque colors 3. Champion or WV swirl 0.62" translucent orange swirl that could be the base swirled with a creamed butter yellow opaque glass. 4. Peltier, maybe a sunset 0.65", base looks clear and slightly bubbly, with translucent orange ribbons and wispy white ribbons swirling throughout They are all wel-played with, but are keepers for me because of the colors and patterns. Just wanted to know what I'm keeping. Thanks for your help, once again!
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