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  1. I love that flaming marble. What perfect colors for it!
  2. I see one normal rainbo in the second bag from the top. Was that thrown in there to throw us off the trail? LOL! Also, is that a "butt-crack" in the bottom bag on the right? (Actually, I'm seriously asking this question, somewhat. Also known as a diaper fold?) So it could be a new marble? Sorry for all the question marks. I'm not yet confident with my id'ing skills, so I don't commit. 🥴
  3. Hi Boris, Hope you don't mind me trying to practice id'ing on your marbles. Third pic--modern, vacor? Fourth pic-reminds me of a peltier sunset on the left because of the bubbles and color. I really love the green flaming marble (Alley?)! Also, is that an orange and green popeye at the middle bottom? That looks really nice. Thanks for showing us your treasure!
  4. Are those Vitros in the bag at right and center in the first photo?
  5. Oh no! Take care! Looks like you have a lot of marbles to keep your mind off of it! Nice assortment. My favorites--what looks like a multi-colored Bennington and the Akro corkscrew with the creamy base and black swirl. Also, like the one that looks like a mineral, brown, center-right. Get well soon!🌻
  6. Thanks wvrons! I guess I ask because it helps me see some trends as I attempt to identify my other marbles.. All of the educated guesses that I receive makes it so much more interesting for me as I sort through my collection. I have smaller “could be” boxes instead of one giant “misc. vintage marbles” box.Thanks again!
  7. Hoping someone can still assist me with these. Thanks!
  8. Don't worry about it. I'm very patient. 😉Thanks!
  9. Thanks again Steph! Usually, I like Jabos, but these lack those vibrant colors that my other Jabos have, except for the last one. Still, I was curious as to their make. 👍
  10. Thanks Steph! And, I guess it’s been hot everywhere! Be careful out there!
  11. I know swirls are almost impossible to id aside from being West Virginia Swirls. But if anyone can identify a swirl it will be all of you seasoned mibbers. So, I'd like some help, please. 1. The "thready" ribbons zig-zag within the marble almost parallel to each other as they dive into the marble. The size is .63". 2. This marble has an indigo blue and the white ribbons surfacing reminds me of those eight ball toys where responses to a question you asked would surface through the liquid on a white pyramid. Size is .67". There is a crease (pic. #1) but I'm not sure if it is a pinch point. The last pic attempts to magnify this. 3. This one looks like the white has been brushed on, but I can see the ribbon entering the marble. It doesn't look like a peltier or akro slag. Size is .65". 4. This has a chunky swirl. The size is .61". Heaton or Cairo? My only guess would be West Virginia Swirls, but I'm hoping that someone can maybe have more specific info on these. Thanks!
  12. Dear Craig, Thank you so much for continuing to host this site! I was able to get to it until yesterday for some reason, so my heart sank. With a little searching, though, I found this post and was able to get back on. I'm a happy "mib-ster" again! You are awesome!
  13. Oops! I didn't see the post on this site about Alan's Marble Encyclopedias move! Phew! https://old.buymarbles.com.buymarbles.com/marblealan/home.html
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