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  1. OMG BerryB! I would love to turn a case like yours into a coffee table! And that corner is to die for! I would do that in a heartbeat if my husband gave me the go ahead! It's like those I Spy books! Soooooooo interesting to look at! But, you seem to have an eye for making what could be a potential clutter quite organized and eye appealing. Thanks everyone for sharing! Even Chad's printer tray would be an awesome glass top coffee table. I need to find someone's garage and a few tools. The downside of living in a condo.
  2. Thanks Steph! I need to do some catching up. Not sure why I haven't been looking through or for marbles lately. Maybe the days are getting colder so I'm trying to get out into the woods to enjoy the fresh air and wildlife. And trying to work off last winter's fuel reserves before I start to refuel, if you know what I mean. Any chance of giving the marbles a swoosh to see some of the other sides? Thanks.
  3. Even the white marbles have different swirls, opaqueness, tints. It's hard to pack these away, still.
  4. That Reticello Marble Making video was so mesmerizing! Totally magical. I can watch it over and over. Thanks for sharing Chad!
  5. If I compare it to your scan, it looks like this marble has more bubbles and the white patch stays closer to the surface than the vitros?
  6. Glad to see you up and about, Boris64! Marbles, vitamins, I guess they both make people feel good. Take care!
  7. Wow! Learning a lot! I never knew that there were such a thing as metallic pelts (Al Oregon's Post)!
  8. LOL! Must have been an awesome win when you succeeded "I'llhavethat1"!
  9. It does look like a lemon! Like a marble that Vincent van Gogh might have created. Fun!
  10. I was just going into the Gallery and started looking at the MarbleAlan photos of the German handmades. . . Were these REALLY played with??? They are such works of art! Hard to believe... Just saying...
  11. Bruce, I always thought that your marble avatar was a photographic effect! Cool.
  12. I just read that wire pulled marbles use a single ribbon. Is that how you distinguish a wire pull from a WV swirl? Thanks.
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