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  1. I just realized something . . . the Blackies in the first bag are actually black based with different color equators. Don't remember seeing those anywhere. Soooo Cool!
  2. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a wing at the Smithsonian dedicated to marbles?!? Not even a wing. I'd be satisfied with an alcove or something.
  3. Nice mibs! I have a marble that kind of looks like the bottom mib. It was id'ed as a foreign marble. It will be in my collection forever.
  4. Your's is interesting because it has quite a lot of bubbles in it. I'm looking at the ones I have and don't see all those bubbles. Just had to comment. I just love bubbly marbles.
  5. Glad you posted this. Your effort was not wasted!!
  6. Yay! Bonniemarbles is back! Miss your posts! And wouldn't you know it. Your first post back is a great one! I know nothing about Heatons. Ready to learn!
  7. I would totally be playing with that skip ball game if I found one. LOL!
  8. That looks like a keeper to me. You are so disciplined in your focus Greeneyesgreenthumbs!
  9. I would say those Vacors are keepers. I especially love that second one.
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