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  1. Just read this today (8/5/21) and it still holds true.
  2. That is cosmic! Thanks for sharing! Totally different from the marble I posted.
  3. Yes, 100% appreciate all the experts like Wvrons actually take the time to look at even marbles posted by novices like me in the name of education! Thank you all!
  4. Sounds like it is still up for debate, actually.
  5. The closest I've seen similar white filaments is in a Master.
  6. Still, I learned something new. I didn't know that the cosmic marble was actually called a cosmic rainbow. Would this still be some kind of Vitro, though? I don't know if I've seen strands like this in a Marble King.
  7. Same here. What makes it more challenging is trying to remember everything that I learn.
  8. Found an affordable metal table at Home Depot that had a shelf and a glass top. It fit my printer's tray perfectly.
  9. I was looking at Robert Block's "Marbles" book that said Vitro made marbles that were similar to MK rainbows. So, it sounds like their rainbow style marbles were referred to as cosmos from what I'm hearing. So would this be a Vitro cosmos marble?
  10. Cool! I just went back to one of my books and sure enough, Vitro made a marble that was like MK rainbows. It does look kind of like an MK from some angles. This is probably what the marble is. Thanks again William.
  11. Did you mean an Marble King Rainbow? Or does Vitro have a rainbow too?
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