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  1. i get where you are coming from with that analysis. Especially given the colors. It's just so crazy of a swirl compared to other Vitro Blacklines... THanks soo much Steph!
  2. Thanks, Bruce! I too am vastly confused, just in life generally. Any other input would be appreciated as well!
  3. Hey folks, just took some shots of these marbs and looking for some expertise as i'have quite a bit to learn. Size in upper right-hand corners. Thanks in advance!
  4. @Steph thanks soo much for the analysis! I'll try to get a shot of the potential moonie with light underneath shortly.
  5. Ok, I'm trying to figure out what these are and if they are collectible or just repros. The white, semi-opaque one has me pretty stumped because it's not a knockout opaque white. The rainbow one is large and has had some play, but there's so much going on in the marble that i cant decipher. the large catseye shooter, i have 3 of. Curious whether this is even vintage. And the small reddish orange catseye has a little dark grey at the tips. Is that common to see? Thanks all!
  6. Ok, thanks Steph. I'm still learning, so i appreciate the response.
  7. @@Al Oregon Thanks so much for your reply! After reviewing images, i think you are pretty spot on with your analysis! If anyone has any other input, i'd appreciate it as well!
  8. does using a black light somehow help decipher the age of the glass?
  9. Oh, P.S. the numbers in the upper corner are the size in Inches, if it helps at all 😆
  10. Hello new friends! I've always been into marbles and have a VERY small collection because, well.. i'm younger and haven't really been able to afford them. I'm still trying to get the 'eye' for identifying marbles and thought y'all might be able to help! here are a few of my favs. I used my SLR with a macro and tried to do my best to accurately depict them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to contributing to this forum as much as i can! =} Jared
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