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  1. That pic of the box is a real help too. I see I have at least one comet that is in the wrong place. Thanks Bruce
  2. OK The one I was pretty sure about is the one on the right. I saw a pic of one ID'd as a CAC American agate. I remember thinking at the time that I thought they were redder, but they were the experts. As for the center one does "no comment" mean yer right, yer way off, or I can't tell. I thought I was on pretty safe ground with an Alley guess. I'll try to get better pix of the 3rd one but it may be a while. Thanks Bruce
  3. There seem to be a lot of new names. To be fair most are given to groups of dug marbles that the average collector will never even see, let alone own. There is a thing about named mibs and value/price. A named marble seems to sell for more than an unnamed one. For example I have a green and orange Pelt Rainbo If I was to call it say... Peas and Carrots I'm sure it would be more likely to sell and for more money than the green and orange Bo. Thanks Bruce
  4. Ok maybe not too alike. The colors are kinda close. But they are from 3 different makers. L to R I have them at CAC, Alley, and Maybe Akro? How close did I get?
  5. I have some CACs, some suspected CACs, and some CAC wannabes, none of which can hold a candle to the stuff above. Here are some of mine anyway. Thanks Bruce I still can't figure out why some load upside down.
  6. Jeeze, I was just kiddin". Thanks Bruce
  7. Maybe we should let him name it. I kinda like "Smokinstiner Rex". I hope I spelled it right. Gotta hand it to 'ol Rocks, He truly likes 'em all. Thanks Bruce
  8. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwii_Ye2yMvzAhUTJjQIHaiIDYwQ3e4CegQIEBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DFjn7vwkprSk&usg=AOvVaw2dctUGk4IbZvIKp2CwurWR I have never done a link before. I'll try this after I post it. If It will not work I'll try again. Thanks Bruce
  9. Rocks Cousteau posted a video yesterday (I know some of you have problems with him). In the video he digs up a marble out of a dump that looks like a Jabo. It's a swirl with AV. This mib has been buried since the 50s or 60s, so it's not a Jabo. Can anyone ID it? Thanks Bruce
  10. All marbles always deserve "further inspection" . That said, I think some of your painted chinas are actually mill balls and "further inspection" will reveal that they are decorated with felt pens. They were made to deceive and many people were fooled by them. They seem to have reacched the secondary market. Most were sold to antiques dealers originally. This is a photo I saved that was posted when I had a question about them. Thanks Bruce
  11. Thanks Chad. Is the OP mib the same? Thanks Bruce
  12. I have one similar. Very dark red. Transparent but it needs a pretty bright light to show thru. Lots'a bubbles including several surface pops. I have always had it with pelts, but not really sure. Thanks Bruce
  13. Look like antler points to me. Nice display I don't have enough spectacular mibs to fill it though. Thanks Bruce
  14. I hope You're not giving up so soon. You say you are overwhelmed with the IDing process. So stop. I've collected for 30 years, and over most of that time I couldn't have cared less who made them. Beyond some pretty basic stuff I'm still behind the 8 ball on most IDs. If you enjoy them for what they are (little lumps of colored glass that were made as toys) pick through them, hold 'em up to the light etc. Sometimes I find myself just holding one in my hand while reading or something. Eventually you will find one that you want to know more about, That's where the board comes in. You have a nice mix there (the cat seems to like 'em) so enjoy them. The scholarly approach to marble collecting is not for everyone Sorry about the long screed, especially if I mis-interpreted your intent. Thanks Bruce
  15. I can't let another Akro Friday go by without a post. I think most of these have been posted before in other threads, but here goes anyway.... Thanks Bruce
  16. Like the cars, the real one and the slag one. I have a couple of glass cars, but no slag ones. Somethin' else to look for. Thanks Bruce
  17. Nice marble. It does look like wood grain. The photo on the right looks a bit orange peel-y to be stone. That makes it interesting as well as beautiful. Thanks Bruce
  18. There have been a few posts recently about hand cut stone (agate) marbles. I got this one this summer at a garage sale. It is hand cut Malachite. The facets show, they have been polished down, but they are still visible. It is an inch and 23/32nds. Thanks Bruce
  19. A couple of things I thought of; This glass was not made to glow under black lights. Black lights did not exist when these mibs and other items were made. The chemicals that cause the glass to glow were used as part of a formula to get a specific color of glass. As chemicals became unavailable because of price, turmoil in source countries, etc. they were discontinued or replaced, often with stuff that does not react to black light. Also most sulphide mibs react to black light (pretty faint but it is there). This is a mystery to me. The goal in glass for sulphides was to make colorless glass, why then the reactivity. Sorry about the long screed. Thanks Bruce
  20. How about a marble/ tree combo that also describe an activity; I occasionally get "spruced up".
  21. Berryb


    So the the big one maybe Pelt, probably MK. The smaller one, probably a Pelt copperhead, or close relative. Thanks Bruce
  22. I think it may be Imperial (Japan) but since I am usually wrong....... Thanks Bruce
  23. I think (others disagree) that the small egg shaped ones were done on purpose and used as darning eggs. Some Ladies gloves had very small fingers and so needed a small egg. Most you see are polished wood. but too many glass perfect eggs show up for it to be accidental. thanks Bruce
  24. After looking at Akroorka's link I tried Baking soda. If my dentist is to be believed, it is actually less abrasive than tooth paste. It worked well on the mibs and left no dull spots, although they are not as minty fresh as I would like. Thanks Bruce
  25. Berryb


    Don't know how to change the title, but here are some more views of both marbles. Thanks Bruce
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