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  1. 43..... #1 and 45..... #2 Super!! Willie
  2. Diggin' the "moonstones" myself. Willie
  3. Dang Galen, Those are some nice "JABO's". What a collection you have there! Willie
  4. Left, right... right, left..... that's why I had to carry a rock in my pocket when I was in the Army. Not good with lefts and rights. Sorry. Yes the left is a slag,right?
  5. Those are mill balls. They feel like lead weights, and are cold to the touch. I believe this is the 3rd deceptive "paint job" scam on what has to be a MASSIVE amount of undesirable plain orbs. The 1st time I saw these in the early 90's, people claimed they were dug out of Atlanta during the construction of the Olympic stadium there. They were mainly a variety of solid colors with a white star on them (coughBS...CoughBS) The 2nd "run" was the Tennessee "dredge" marbles. You remember, the ones that were dredged out of the river? They all had floral patterns or some scene on them, with lots of pa
  6. The red mib on the right looks like an older Akro slag. Lots of white mixed in there. I'm diggin' it. The other one...........?? Willie
  7. I have held this marble in my hand. I have dreamed of owning one in my lifetime. Seen a few at shows from time to time.Jim Newton has the best I've ever seen. If it had more white whispiness through out, I would be the owner of it, no doubt. The peach color is burned into my memory, so I can say without a doubt, this is a true peach colored slag. I just won't go out on the CAC or German limb. That is for the pro's to hash out. Willie
  8. Guys, Speed's mib is 100% peach in color. I wasn't 100% on German or CAC. I'll leave that up to ya'll to hash out. Willie
  9. I hope they sent along a jar of vasoline with that order. OUCH!! The winner had 100 purchases already. Wouldn't you think they might know better? Willie
  10. Aren't ya'll glad you don't live in Texas......... It's 6 hrs. just to leave from the middle. I think the guys in KC have the best location. They are centralized in the middle of the mid west. Texas show is this weekend. I will drive nearly 4 hrs up to the show, from the middle, and that's still a few hrs. to the OK boarder. Willie
  11. I have a guy in San Antonio that is listing my beginner marbles for me. Everything is NM or better, nice big lots. His user name is onlinetexas. Thanks for lookin'! Willie
  12. Dan, Send me a case of fancy #5's. What's the shipping on that? Willie
  13. That is a bad-a$$ multi-colored corkscrew beyond a shadow of a doubt!!! Willie The Marble Dude
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