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  1. I had a feeling they were newer Asian. Thanks Steph!
  2. Oops, small ones are .635, not .935
  3. The big one is almost 1" (.995) diameter, the small ones are .935. Any ideas? Thanks, Denise
  4. This one is obviously damaged, but I'd like to, as Ron says... learn from it, then give it to a kid, if he'll take it, lol. It's .98 diameter. Thanks, Denise
  5. Measures 1.330 (ish). I was told by my husband's brother (the same guy that removed all ID info from dad's vintage marbles & mixed them in with his own newer ones) that it's a Bennington & that the ugly round spots are normal (not damage). Which, from my limited research, sounds right to me, but wanted to double check it here. Is it also normal for them to be so out of round? Denise
  6. Both are 5/8" diameter. I don't think it shows in the photos, but the left one has a kind of translucent green base. I haven't yet figured out how to get a decent photo to show that. Lots of what look like air bubbles in both. The rest of the colors appear to be mostly on the surface. Thanks a bunch! Denise
  7. So, stupid question #1 (sorry, newbie here, 🙃 just want to be sure I've got it) "West Virginia Swirl" is basically just a generic term for a marble that was made by one of several companies located in West Virginia, correct? And, Alley is one of those companies.
  8. Absolutely Ron! I appreciate the help you guys!
  9. Here's another group I am curious about. Top is almost 1" dia (.985), middle, left is about 3/4", middle, right & bottom, center are both right around .680", bottom, left is more like .700" & bottom, right is about 5/8". Too bad they are all chewed up. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help. Denise
  10. You guys are great. Thanks Al!
  11. Here are two more I could use help with. 3/4" on the left & 5/8" on the right. Thanks!
  12. I'm guessing these are all the same maker? They sure look alike. They're all about 5/8" diameter. Any idea?
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