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  1. I know , believe me I know, Thanks Steph. ( I'm still not gonna stop lookin )
  2. Outstanding pic's all around, great work every one I love veiligglas, I know this is an old post looked @ it many time's, I understand Winnie is gone now, a great loss to the marble community, My condolences to all who knew her, a very committed woman I understand. Wish I could get my hand's on some flames or a nice swirlin color blend, very hard to find now, all I have is the basic two color pull's, I'm not complaining they are still beauties to me. Here's a repost of my cleanest and best one. I mean man some of these mib's just blow me away.
  3. Hot pink is just the color blend of some master's I have, I don't know about orange cloud, I learned I have a champion called a" red cloud" which I thought to be a furnace marble before I was set straight (see champion red cloud below) a relative of the champion hot wheel's family according to those in the know. The swirl's continue around, into and through the mib, that's what threw me off in the first place as far as the mistaken furnace mib identification. The hot pink colored master's are gone across the river, I did trade them to a friend for some German hand mades a couple year's ago. I
  4. Ok it's time I hope this make's it all better !!!
  5. Your a seein the same thing I am Bruce ??? Where only a few click's away !!
  6. I told Steph I had some teeny tiny clearies, this is a pic of then in a small akro cup, I have taken some individual pics of them and some other pee wee's to post later this is all I have right now, cup on the R is the clearies and on the L in the thumb pot are some machine made pee wees w/ a few bennies, clay's and jaspers in the middle, Better color pics of the clearies are comin.
  7. Don't feel like the lone ranger, I've been stumped for some time on this one, I'll post some different angle's. This marble is also highly uv. just adding to the mystery. The curve look's like a half done royal, I give. HEEEELLP !! Chad Gartner's Page.url
  8. In the pic's of master's I posted I have some w/ pink, purple, a blend ?? Hopefully we all learn something new, I'm game That's why I'm here Also Have some huge 3/4 or better that appear as master, hang on I'll repost, here tell me what you think of the big brushed patch. I threw in the purple and pink one's, some of my seam's look pointy like the other and some don't, I'm curious about that ( just remeasured a hair over 3/4 " )brushed one on the top L 3rd and top R last pic. sarab mib definitely has a different looking base color for sure, I thought it was the camera but the same lavender c
  9. Look's allot like a master to me, but I do have some imperial's that fooled me, never the less a very nice marble. Couldn't sleep, good morning Steph 😴
  10. I think this to be an old Akro hero ? Just guessing, I may be way off on this one, Kind of a weird design that's why I had kept it, what's your opinion on the I.D. ?? The heavy lashe's made me think Akro, obscure for sure. Chad Gartner's Page.url
  11. I can't for the life of me understand where I'm getting the ring of dot's ?? 1 bulb, no flash ? the sun doesn't have the same effect ??? I give
  12. Don't know where my mind was, I was on the phone and quoting you @ the same time. A really good excuse would be if the person on the phone was named Claudia ( not ) I only have a 1/2 track brain and can barely do 1 thing @ a time. " Claudia " Oh brother !! I don't even have the patch. Sorry about the bum post man.. I'll edit it and show the edit so no one get's a bum steer.
  13. I'm trying to build mine back up but the av. and 1'' and over have gone through the roof, when you can find them. A very kind & thoughtful thing to do Steph, I'm sure it won't be going anywhere soon. Kool !!
  14. Nice mib's Steph, I live not far from Anacortes, I'll have to do a little research myself, thanks for sharing and lettin the "cat out of the bag" By the look's of the pile there's definitely a lot of pic's in your very near future.
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