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  1. A friend of mine called (Double Ingot) marbles "double eggnot ' I couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about till he showed me some of his double ingots................ "Double Eggnot" Oh brother !!!
  2. When I go I always show early for the (in room trading) say the show is Saturday but in room trading starts Thursday. I get there as soon as possible to meet everyone and get first crack at some of the better mibs. I have never stayed for the day of the show so don't really know but common sense would tell me that the mibs have already had a good going over by the time show day gets there. I'd rather negotiate with one person than five, just my personal take !!
  3. Peltier ? I say Pel - teer Jabo ? ! say Jay - bo Oop !! gotta go................... I'm back, saw.....🤣.....you're crackin me up I think, I didn't even notice until you posted it !!! I was wondering why it had a whack face after Marble King 🤪
  4. That particular box is a Brazilian hardwood called Wenge wood. Extremely hard and dense, this box feels like a chunk of stone instead of wood. "Thanks for the compliment Rick" I'm having another 40 count box made right now, also made of a Brazilian hardwood called Bubinga, a lighter brownish color wood with maple like grain in it, gonna put a Pelt & Akro mix in it, size will be 20, 5/8ths holes & 20, 11/16ths, the guy making the boxes for me makes whatever I want and even bought some new sizes of forstner drill bits for the next box, I've seen quite a few of his boxes for sale online &
  5. Oven brick, ash ?? from production maybe ?? Think the marble's from your side Joep, foreign to me !!
  6. Just got a new box for my old Pelts, any new boxes or packaging come your way ??
  7. Yeah mibber you're thinkin the same as I am on that one, wouldn't that be a stroke of luck ??
  8. I see what you're talking about, could be ?? might be ?? hopefully a.................maybe ?? I see Pelt in everything ??
  9. Yeah Buddy, Score !! Nice batch of Mibs !!
  10. Chad G.


    Can't say I remember any specific food except when we got steak William. Everything else I covered with the hot sauce that was readily available on every table every meal "El Tapatio" if I remember right ?? I worked my mandatory 90 days in the mess (chow) hall, as soon as you come onboard you are required a 90 day stint. 4 meals a day, the one extra was called "midrats" (midnight rations) for guys working the midnight shift. So 5200 people times 3 meals a day = 15,600 plates a day ( + midrats). My first job was guess where ?? in the scullery (dishwashing area) of which I handled every plate in
  11. Agree with foreign made !! Yes, I agree, these look German to me also !!
  12. I'm up to Bill, worth the wait, Mmm, Mmm !! Akroliciouse Brother !! Those slags look just like rock candy, good enough to eat...... 😋
  13. Sorry I didn't specify. By name on the end of the marble I meant the name of the artist that made it.
  14. Here's a 4 panel Onionskin mica over 2" I never paid close to what they did & this mib is harder to get & in much better shape, guess I just got lucky on this one. I wouldn't want to put one half this big under my pillow mibs like this are getting pretty scarce nowadays I guess, glad I got a few bigger ones when I did !!
  15. Well she sold here's a pic of the final $$, @ 2.43 " a big one alright !!
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