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  1. You won't regret it Ric, worth every cent, hardcover & durable, best book ever on pelts & pelt history. w/ some fantastic pix, better hurry only a few copies left !! I found Sami's Ebay listing, 10 copies left, here's the link. LINK : https://www.ebay.com/itm/224539508989?hash=item34479900fd:g:rKgAAOSw4CFYnpVa
  2. Try the search bar here & on AAM, there are a myriad of opinions, I noted already on your other post (Blue zebra ?) what was stated in Sami's book and what I seen in the pictures, I have everything + but a Blue Zebra. The "Pelt" most wanted list is a long one !! Guess in my case it has wings instead of 4 legs or both & may take a while to wrangle.
  3. I don' t have one but I just looked at Sami Arim's book on Peltiers & there's one pic of a blue Zebra in the "Two color NLR" section & one pic in the "Aventurine" section. In both cases blue ribbons on a white base, one without any visible av and one absolutely loaded. I have a bunch of zebras w/ blue av., no av., bronze av., green av. & silver av as well as mixed but as yet no "Blue Zebra" I went to the "Peltier info site" but no pic of one there as well, only place I personally seen an actual example is in Sami's book. I believe a "True Blue Zebra" has blue ribbons on a white base, not sure if av is a qualifier ?? If it has blue ribbons I'd guess it's a Blue Zebra, maybe Sami will post on this matter ??
  4. Hello & "Welcome to Marble Connection" A great place to start. I have always collected what I liked "what makes me happy"
  5. Yes !! so called "Foreign sparklers" you have a few cats in the group but 98% are sparklers.
  6. Akro silver ox, some Akro carnelians, corks, a few Handmades, and the Pelts "might" be pine needles ?? Look for av on the green ribbons. Might be somethin hiding as always ?? To be considered a "Pelt pine needle" it has to contain av in the green ribbons, If not just a Pelt Rainbo. here's a little closer look at the possible needles !! A HTF Pelt !! Possible "Champion hotwheels" (upper L side of second pic)
  7. The first one's a great example Joep, exactly what collectors of the type are looking for, almost "0" % white showing.
  8. "Happy Akro Friday" A few pix I forgot to post last week from the box of Akroware TGIF
  9. Thank you for the easy find approach Steph I've looked for this pic several times !!
  10. I could look at marbles like this all day long !! Woo Hooo !! I'm not a big Vitro fan but this one is outstanding in anybody's book, I can't say enough !!!
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