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  1. Mine to William, I think the cats & pincers were all about the same size with some of the clearies being ridiculously tiny.
  2. Agreed Bruce, the pitcher I have is very heavy duty, I did think it was Akro until I turned it over & seen the same sunburst type pattern on the bottom of almost all the imperial pieces. "Yes" a very thick piece of glass, the pitcher can barely be seen in this pic on the upper left hand side, there is also an amber slag glass lion made by summit in the forefront. I believe the summit glass lion is also a copy of an earlier mold, I'm not sure exactly who made the earlier piece ??
  3. "Yes" agreed, the first is a large Imperial pitcher, mine is red, second is an Akro toothpick holder, the ashtrays I'm not positive & the little slag boat is a game piece. All the items on the link I gave are fully identified and guaranteed to be what they say they are. The store I gave the link to is "most" dependable. The Akro I.D. book written by Roger & Claudia Hardy is available rite on this site, the same link I gave above. I agree with Bruce, many things claim to be made by & will actually imitate Akro. Many, many manufacturers made slag glass, I think I only paid $12.00 for
  4. Here's the link to a store for you to take look at, they used to have over 4000 pieces and now are slowly rebuilding after C19. Akro agate arsenal was & still is the largest Akro marble related store site there is, I believe Ron Knows them personally. Here's the link. I have bought several items from them in years past, it used to take me hours to look over all their stuff. I believe they have more but an Email or contact through Ebay is probably necessary to find out ?? On another note, I also agree with Ron on the shifter knobs & Akro never making them, even though many appear as lar
  5. Agree with Ric 1. Pelt rainbo 2. Asian Imperial 3. Alley
  6. Thanks for posting the races, I also have you on my favorites bar but appreciate the extra effort you got to posting here, another great couple of races Keep up the good work.
  7. I have a bunch of machine made pee - wee's. Peltier is my favorite manufacture type, HTF in the smaller sizes & still maintain the standard NLR look, much like when you get larger (3/4 & up) examples, the NLR design & ribbon structure often gets very distorted at either end of the spectrum. I just got some pee - wee Pelts as gifts from a couple great marble friends, 2 Wolverines & a transparent Christmas Tree , I'll post the pics as soon as I get them downloaded.
  8. "Yes" some of the first things I learned when I started collecting were. Check the market values, always "buy what I like" & condition, condition, condition. I have some Vacor also, I kept because I like them not because of their monetary value. Here's a pic of one my best & favorite Vacor , a first run "Michelangelo". I have some red devils & a few other types also.
  9. Yes the first one I picked out is Vitro. The second bunch of pics showing all groups appear to all be "Vacor" (Mega) made in Mexico. I wouldn't go so far as to sort them all out. I only see the (one) Vitro & one other questionable one that I'm not sure of the I.D. on. "Yes" you got a lot of marbles for 8 Euro & did a great job sorting them, look on te back of the DON JUAN marble net bag labeled "COMET" & it will say " Made in Mexico".
  10. I see one that looks vitro second in from top left, the rest look Vacor maybe 1 other that are possibly not vacor Vitro Not sure on this one ???
  11. Better late than never Brother..........Happy Akro Friday !!! Transparent orange took me a while but patience always pays off.
  12. ........... That's Akro Baby......................Yeah !!
  13. Luck having it while I was out paying bills today out of boredom I went to the nearby Kalama Antique Mall, lots of vendors but mined out by droves of currently unemployed C19 patrons. I found one 4" contemp. I liked and know the owner so a $15.00 discount on a $40.00 item bringing my grand total to $25.00 for the day. Oh well !! at least I didn't buy any items that would just have ended up being "dust bunnies" Unfortunately no pizza next door "Subway" the local "Greasy Spoon" & the "Minit Mart" I decided to pass !! A "Great Day to be Alive"
  14. One of my screen savers. "Like 3 - d man" I had to work on the colors & enhance it a bit but truly it came out Ok!! "Thanks Steph" the fruits of my labor.
  15. Chad G.


    I'll go with JABO as well Steph, this pic is the one that convinced me
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