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  1. I use a Sony camcorder & it has only auto so it jumps back & fort between the surface & the figure. most mibs you are concerned only with the outside condition but a sulphide not so. Air bubbles on the figure, detail etc. "Thanks for the input Bruce" guess maybe I need something maybe a bit more advanced than a camcorder ??
  2. "Good Morning All"
  3. Fantastic post great info !! Honest sharing of knowledge, I love it, this hobby is great !! No place I'd rather be (almost)
  4. Sorry no idea on the marble I.D. mibber, obviously a manufacture incident of some kind wherever it came from. I was trying to narrow it down but I am lost. Yes !! I have to agree with you on taking pix of clear transparent glass marbles. When I was taking pix of my sulphides it was almost impossible to get focus on the glass surface and the figure in the center, "two different objects at 2 different distances" so the camera wanted to focus on one or the other & went back & forth. By complete accident I took a few "freehand" shots of them in my other hand, I was astonished, not only the surface but the figures inside as well. I'll post a pic so you can see, if you've ever tried to photograph a sulphide you know my quandary. Macro of the surface, no problem. A luck shot of the barnyard pig with a non reflective gray background about 3 feet away, I was unprepared & upset when it showed so many reflections but the clarity was so good I decided to keep them, these handmades are very clean "not polished" all commons so I was really picky on the condition. I'm not really sure how I would do with showing any damage on a lesser specimen ?? I took at least 50 shots of different sulphides, different backgrounds, different colors and only kept 10 or 12 pix out of all of them. Marbles period are the hardest thing I've ever ran into to take pix of
  5. "I'm" seeing Veiligglas in this one Cats but they all look foreign, maybe EU ?? Regardless some nice mibs Chris, and some excellent pix , !!
  6. Uh oh, my bluff has been called !! Tttt almost tttime ffor ssome pppix !!!!
  7. Agree all newer Vacor ; LINK : https://www.billes-en-tete.com/detail.php?id=39
  8. Pistol case W/ (Dimple Foam) Wall mount Displays Printers Block Drawers (Wall Mounted) Stand up Curio Display Cabinets Old Game Boxes (Cut to fit foam insert) Old Golf Ball Displays (Wall Mount) Old rotating Thimble Display Old Gumball Machines
  9. Considered a 3 color special (R,Y,G) A so named a "Lifesaver by collectors. I used to hear them referred to as "Poll Parrots" but that name seems to have gone by the wayside, too bad, I kinda liked it. "Poll Parrot" right for the times I guess ?? Now we've arrived at this !! The av. patch I'm guessing is a (PPP) Peltier Peerless Patch Nice mibs David, you sure run into some nice ones !!
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