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  1. Well here where I live in Washington state it's like a dry county as far as marbles go, at least a 50 mile trip to get anything decent unless you get lucky. I realize "Wild finds" are getting less and less frequent, have been increasingly so for almost 20 years now, it seems especially so around here.. In the 90's it was nothing to find almost nothing I wanted "if" I had the money. Following the mad rush for Handmades during the 90's just before the marble market took a dive because of sudden availability due to the internet, marble collecting was different then, more intense I think ?? Anyway it's "out & about" again tomorrow. It hasn't been to bad as of late, w/ a pretty good score almost every time. Just a discussion point to see how the "Search" goes around your neck of the woods ?? "GOOD LUCK MIBSTERS"
  2. Sometimes when you post don't you feel like the ............ ............. ............ Wait, maybe a different suit would help ?? ............ ............ There, is that better, can you see me now ?? ............
  3. Just start a new thread each time under "Marble I.D.'s" you're posting correctly
  4. Congratulation to your Daughter the Groom & the rest of your Families Brad !!
  5. Yes, I only have a couple in that color, kind of a weird mib, the black looks like someone drew it in the base glass w/ a sharpie, there are good lashes on one end and it ends abruptly and squarely on the other, at any rate a keeper. I'll "try" and remember to get some better pix later ??
  6. I'm a bit lazy on writing things out so, with permission by and credit given to the (MCSA) Marble Collectors Society of America here's the short version on Ravenswood Novelty Company ; Ravenswood West Virginia : "not saying the mib is Ravenswood" LINK : https://www.marblecollecting.com/marble-reference/online-marble-id-guide/other-u-s-companies/
  7. I can't remember if I posted these or not ?? part of a lot I scored about a month ago, these are the Akro I got out of the bunch. Ah, found the other Akro from about 2 weeks ago, feast or famine anymore, I hope I do ok tomorrow, gonna make the loop to see if anything comes of it. Slowly but surely I guess ??
  8. Hmm, I'm at a loss, looks like some West Virginia swirl but no way can I narrow it down to a single manufacturer, I'm on the fence on this one ??
  9. Op !! you must be carousing all the local shops again ?? (lucky dog) Hope ya get some killers while yer out there William !! I thought I hadn't seen a post from ya in a few day's ??
  10. Nice clean pix Gladys, I see you still have a bit of sunshine !!
  11. Killer mib Bill ............. ........... .........
  12. I think there is a corkscrew w/ that color combo ?? I haven't seen it but I was looking at the transparent blue and noticed it didn't go all the way to the other pole, that's why I suggested Alley. To qualify as a cork it has to go from pole to pole w/ at least some rotation, if no rotation it's a patch but both must go from on e pole to another. I posted a pic of both ends to illustrate what I'm talking about, note the ends are nearly next to one another at the point of termination !! Corkscrews can meander quite a bit but will always end up at the other pole to qualify as one.
  13. Great mibs, I really like the Lutz & the Coat
  14. Akro Agate Company History : W/ permission from and by Bob Block (MCSA) LINK : https://www.marblecollecting.com/marble-reference/online-marble-id-guide/akro-agate-co/
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