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  1. I can't remember if I already posted this on another thread or not, if I did pls. forgive. My better examples, some German and some American machine made w/ 1 glazed and 1 agate and 1 mica. I know I posted some different one's somewhere else, if you see reposts let me know so I can get this straightened out. Thanks much. Oop's just found the header pic. Chad G.
  2. Loving the new pics of the sept dig @ the Heaton site, wish I lived closer, like a treasure hunt , many new mib's and new one of a kind plastic bag found, hopefully another dig before it's covered up !! Not all of my marbles are wet , some of my favorite Akro's are dug examples. Steph posted pic's of the bag on a separate thread, looked @ the dig pics on AAM, posted by cheese, can't get enough.
  3. Here's the biggest one I have, plain jane yellow and white but in mint shape, not a whole lot of these big one's around still in good shape or any shape for that matter.
  4. This a little Akro children's china thumb pot, highly uv., Small Akro china is one of my favorite marble related thing's to collect. The little clear spot on the bottom is a punch out for drainage, children punched almost all of these out, especially in the larger ones.
  5. I had and still have a lot of reference book's, a great deal of help when I started trying to I.D. the thousand's of kind's of marbles. Getting better but the learning will never quit. Here are a few that helped me a great deal, the old original Grist's book's I had years ago and a few other's I no longer have, disappeared in a move. Here's some I use for referencing and identification. The large hardback's by Stanley Block are excellent for I.D. purposes, I have found them all very helpful, and still do. Have many more but these will get you going, they did me.
  6. A new stand I made w/ an alley insulator, made @ the Pennsboro location between 1934-1937, and two big 31/32nds Alley marbles, information on the insulators from Ron ( wvrons ) I had an idea one of these was alley so I held onto them. Ron said the machine they where made on was called the corn cobb machine. A little piece of alley history. Inc. is a pic of two insulators, the one on top is alley unsure about the other. 3rd pic, a couple Jabo on the unknown insulator.
  7. It' Christmas time !! Hope this work's. These are the pics of the tiny clearies I told ya I would take Steph. Sorry a few Japanese pincher mibs slipped in there, still tiny but not clearie's. OOp's 1 yellow translucent. I "can't remember" where the crackle mib came from, or any of these for that matter, a common marble collectors affliction. I forgot I was going to put them on top of a Christmas stocking before the pic's !! Hope seeing these shiny little gems bring back some fond memories.
  8. Block and a few others have written entire books on transitional marbles.
  9. Morning Chuck, Took your advice and went to AAM and continued to view the dig & mibs + looked @ the old posts also. Many new ones, an excellent thread. Can't get over how many dug mibs display characteristics of other manufacturers, Hmm I believe we all know what conspired with nearly all these companies. Cool bag, hopefully you all get 1 more swing @ the property before it's gone and find some more 1 offs. Thanks for sharing and all the hard work !!!
  10. 82 - 84 when I was in Perth, I sure didn't want to leave, I remember a place called "pinocios " the pool balls over there are as big as pig pong ball's. I remember thinking I was pretty good @ it till I played a local, treated with great respect there. Thanks again for the great pics
  11. Thanks for chiming back in all I was gettin worried.
  12. Wish I would have been into mibs when I was in Perth, those and the others would all be in my box !! Wish my blue and white was a little more exotic, i think both blue and white where the most common colors, together or separately, oh well @ least i have a few. Keep sharing, love the pics, good variety. Thanks much
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