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  1. By the way: thanks for the link Steph, great explanation,...interesting
  2. Here's how the fossil looked ( in Italian "BRACHIOPOIDE")
  3. Ah, well Steph, I will post the image of the animal and the shell later. Regards r
  4. Hi Steph, To your knowledge, is this a shell fossil? You know, I know a Paleontologist by profession, also a collector of marbles who says it may be this....then I will show photos
  5. The blue one is a Russian azurite
  6. Hi Chad, hi everyone-. Since we are on this topic, I would like to share some minerals. I don't collect them, they just caught my eye at the time, except for two that were given to me as gifts.
  7. Hello Steph-just these days I am watching "Twilight Zone", it is a series that I like to watch in the winter period. Strange that it is little known, they also made the" remake "in three seasons 110 episodes, in Italy released with the name" at the borders of reality 80s " but the first is much much more beautiful, even if without colors. Eh Yes Steph, that episode is beautiful if not the best of the whole series, and the detail of the beee marbles.... But there are many beautiful ones! They also did another remakein 2002 in a single season with 43 episodes that I have
  8. Oooooh, what wonderful things I see today, it really brightens up the day
  9. Yes, in fact I look at him and regard him several times then .... I have my "human" translator to refer to when I want to understand a certain thing .... he knows, right? Thanks again Stephen! Saluti Roberto
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