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  1. The front of the medal reads " City of Detroit Marble Champion 1923" On the back it reads "Presented by Weyhing Bros Mfg Co" Won by Thomas J Morgan June 7 1923 .....Solid Gold
  2. I'm betting it was a agate given the date of 1923 Thanks, Charles
  3. I've recently added this marble tournament medal to my collection. I was wondering if anyone had seen one like it before. Hanging from the bottom of the wreath is a "stem" for the lack of a better word. I was wondering if some piece / part is missing? Thanks, Charles
  4. The bag is wrong in the larger red box. I had a repo of the larger red box once, it was made by Art Jones. Charles
  5. I think a auction with a buyers premium always means less money for the seller. Everyone I know deducts the buyers premium from their bid prior to placing their bid. Charles
  6. All of the marbles in the picture are called Clear Rainbos except possibley the one in the middle. A fruit cocktail is a totally different marble, construction wise. If you go to Mibbage you will find pictures of both marble types. Charles
  7. Tracers are a four ribboned marble for the most part and have the white "tracers" following at least three of the color ribbons but usually all four. Bloody Marys have a very robust red look to them, in the picture Al posted of Pee Wees(Steve) all look to be Bloody Marys to me except maybe one. Ann's marble looks to be weak in color(no offense) when compared to the marbles in Steve's picture. Without having the marble I'm guessing no. Charles
  8. As a side note Bloody Marys tend to have more color coverage on the surface then the typical Tracer. Bloody Marys also tend to have a lot of asmade melt spots, Tracers don't. Charles
  9. Make it 58, I have one LOL Charles
  10. Call the hotel direct 1-913-888-8440 don't use the national reservation hotline. If you call of a morning ask for Veronica she is extremely helpful. Charles
  11. I don't think there is a good/set answer to your question. I have seen marbles sell on ebay that I know could be bought cheaper at a show and vise versa, Charles
  12. The Kansas City Marble show is coming up fast, March 8 2015. For hotel information go to the Kansas City Marble Club website http://www.kcmarbleclub.com/index.htm If you pre registered a room reservation at last years show for this year(2015) I would call the hotel to verify that you have a room, I called to verify my room and they did not have me down for a room so please call. We do have tables still available so if you want one reserve it as soon as possible, the room only holds 55 tables and we always sell out. For more information and questions contact: Charles Williams marblecollector195
  13. You're right. there does seem to another label underneath. Charles
  14. I'll bite, how do you know it's a old MF Christensen box? Charles
  15. If I remember right a marble artist compiled the list with the makers name and how they signed their marbles Charles
  16. Once upon a time I thought I found a website with a list of contemporary marble artists signatures. Now I can't find it .......anybody have a link? Charles
  17. The Kansas City Marble Club is hosting a fall mini marble show. This is a one day event. Admission to this event will be free to the public and tables will be available for anyone wishing to set up at no charge. There will only be a limited number of tables available to reserve yours ASAP. Location: Liberty Community Center 1600 South Withers Liberty, MO 64068 816/439-4389 Liberty, MO. is located just north of Kansas City right off I-35 Date: Saturday September 27, 2014 10am-3pm(you can set up starting at 9am) If you would like to arrive Friday night there is several hotels and places to eat n
  18. Were Peltier slags even feathered during the timeframe being discussed 1926-27? Charles
  19. Ron, PM sent .............45 tables have been spoken for Charles
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