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  1. I did fix it, explained it, and am now defending myself from being accused of scamming people by pointing out 6 dollars is not a scam, all of you seem to ignore that and make assumptions. None of you seem to acknowledge or care.id take a good look at yourself if that's the way you treat people that make mistakes. You go sit in your tower
  2. Unfollowed, but commenting on every post I made. Sure. You are just a dick. I hope not all marble collectors are like you.
  3. Thanks for the help, I appreciate the politeness those that have been. I'll figure this stuff out on my own. And probably continue to misidentify stuff, because i have been so far, just be sure to follow me so you can snag the good ones that I brilliantly misidentify marbles for significantly less than they'd be worth.
  4. Yes that 6 dollars I had it listed up there sure significantly benefits me. Oh no, my 6 dollar marble misidentification scheme has been ousted! What a fool others must be to purchase a misidentified marble for 6 dollars that - if identified correctly could sell for hundreds apparently, and if incorrectly could sell for about... 6 dollars.. - yes I sure tried to scam someone there. Like, for real? Okay
  5. It's not so easy for someone starting out when you ask questions that are obvious to others. Especially when I have more than one answer! For context: there's a marble show on the east coast, I asked the guy running it and he told me a marble is an akro. Another collector online I emailed responds that it's a vitro. Facebook groups say it's an Akro. I put it on reddit, I get messages telling me it's a vitro. I put it on here, people say it's oriental or foreign made. Marbles I ask on here im told are one thing, and if I put it on another forum im told its another. Whom should I follow? You kn
  6. I'm not trying to fool anyone,but I understand why you'd think that. That listing is older than your answer, i hadn't changed the title yet prior to learning about it. Thanks for the reminder. Why wouldn't I use the same Pic? What I do is, since I have no idea how much they are worth, ones im unsure of I post with a high reserve (you can see that I have one on the listing itself) that won't be met, to gauge if any bids are received which should tell me about what it is worth. That's how I'm learning about marble prices. It's a good strategy if you are new If you were to follow me on
  7. First round of seeking has produced these odd ones. (probably common to most). Is this this even a marble? It looks like an egg a bit. I've also never seen an opaque shooter! And the third I believe is an Akro swirl, but is it a PrizeName? I don't know the top middle, it's got a green base. The others are Peltier patches, I'm pretty sure? Solid yellow with red, solid yellow with black, solid white with black, and solid black with red. Though, The one on the top right is all white with a circular patch These swirls, I know one is a flame
  8. There is sparkling in some of the red, I assumed it was aventurine. Does oxblood sparkle?
  9. This is an opaque white marble, mostly white with a thin band of oxblood and what may be aventurine, or just a Turquoise green. Any ideas?
  10. That one is gorgeous! And thanks! I like the fat ones too I think these are cats eyes as well, little peewee/smaller vitro maybe?
  11. First I am pretty sure is not a Popeye, the second I believe is. The third marble-is that a melted pontil?
  12. A heaton swirl, okay. It's got a rough unpolished texture to it, it's nice on the feels. The second one is stumping me hard. I just have watched a half dozen videos so far
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