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  1. Hello Is there still marble tables for show ? Dean bratten
  2. Hello  Chad  Hope you are the Chad Cline that I know.. Dean Bratten Kearney ,mo. Our car has been in body shop and taking longer to repair . Maybe Monday .Hope.. Trying to get update if marble tables might be available.. for show.. Then I will check with hotel to see if any rooms for rent and at what rate, I see there are about 60 plus rooms rented.   Always hope for the best. Have had 2-3 people call if going to show.. Have not returned yet, because of car being repaired.. Hope show is a great one , for all that come. 

  3. Have 8 net marble bags /old paper headers say PLAYTIME AND PLAYDAY MARBLE BAGS.. Cannot find any pictures or info on this bags in any marble book.. Can someone help with any info. BAG1GUY dEAN BAG COLLECTOR. tHANKS .
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