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  1. Thank you for that, that’s a clear explanation which I couldn’t find anywhere!
  2. Thanks wvrons, the board is a little warped and it has three feet on the bottom which might have been added, as I saw an identical boxed board but it didn’t have feet or any sign that it used to. Yes unfortunately just the top of the lid but at least I can fit in in the frame. A few of the marbles do have little ‘nics’ - I’m not confident with the terminology relating to damage, but they are only small. I’d appreciate if anyone could explain to me what a jellcore is and razor ribbons. I figured I had a combination of solid core, latticinios and then I don’t know the difference between divided
  3. Hey Chad thanks for that; I’d not seen the board pics and the other comments you’d made. That looks a lovely set you had. Yes I certainly want to hold onto it, it’s a wonderful decorative piece in my otherwise pretty empty and modern flat! I’ve certainly got the collecting bug and will continue to look out for other marbles that appeal to me. Yes it would be nice to replace those latticinios with other solid cores. I’ve no idea about jelly cores or razors, but I hope to learn more about German handmades. Neil
  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I’m undecided on my favourite yet; I have a few with some cool colours, they look edible. I’ve got the lid from the box too which I’ve put in a frame which sits behind the board. I wanna buy more boards now! My fiancée thinks I’m mad! I just love looking at them. I love that many years ago, each marble had the full attention of someone who is now long gone, but I’m lucky enough to have them and able to appreciate them. I look at them and I wanna get ‘inside’ the marbles!! So pleased to have found this group too. I’ll post a picture of the board lid i
  5. Hi Ric, thanks for the warm welcome. Here are some more pics including on the board. The board is only small - 8 inches.
  6. Here are some possible same cane examples? I’ve taken two pics of each group.
  7. Hey Chad, thanks so much for getting back to me so soon. Yes I thought they might be from the later handmade german era due to the solitaire board. It's H.P Gibson Ltd and it would seem they started making board games in 1919. I'll post some more pictures as I don't know if any are from the same cane, but there are some with the same colour schemes. They are in very good shape; I wasn't sure if they really were ALL original to the board, but they seem like they could well be. They're all approx 18mm. I'll get some more shots. Neil
  8. Hi I’m new to marbles and after a brief spell buying a small collection and then selling it again, I’ve just bought a solitaire board complete with 33 handmades. I would appreciate some comments. Some are beautiful colours, in fact they’re all very vibrant. There are 4 latticinios in there but all the rest are solid cores or other types of which I don’t understand what is what. I’ve taken some photos of four of them... Neil, York, UK
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