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  1. Ah. Ok I was on the fence with the swirl/slag thing.. Happy to have that clarified now. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the help everyone!
  3. Yeah I thought about that right after I posted this.. The whole columns and rows thing... I'll prolly do that and repost them. Thanks for the suggestion! 😄
  4. Or just a really light, off colored amber based slag?
  5. Hehe.. Making the pic collages of individual marbles is actually quite a process, and is especially daunting when you have a bunch of swirls you'd like to ask about. Yikes! So yeah, I'm just gonna post a group picture of all of 'em, front-ish and back-ish. If anything stands out to you please feel free to comment, or don't. I'll completely understand if it's too much of a PITA to ID any mibs when they're in a group pic like this. I just figured I'd give it a shot. Not gonna make a habit out of it though. I like the individual collage pics a lot more anyways. Anyways, thanks for looking!
  6. Again, any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for looking!
  7. Any ideas..? I'm really clueless when it comes to swirls.. So any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  8. I got a bunch more of these guys I haven't photographed yet, with very blue base glass as well as the typical green... I think I have a few with amber base glass as well.
  9. Do these count as oddities? I'm pretty sure most, if not all of them are Pelts, but I'm far from an expert so I could be way off.
  10. Here's an example of some of his work. Decent work, in my opinion.
  11. A couple of those look very much like John Hammon-Miller's work. Here's a link to a J. Hammon-Miller gallery from JoeMarble's wonderful archive of marble pictures. https://joemarbles.marbleconnection.com/1Marble Picture Pages/23Contemporary/John Hamon-Miller/John Hamon-Miller 001/John Hamon-Miller 1.html
  12. Definitely Akro.. I have one exactly like it. And I agree, you should give the black glass a closer look in nice sunlight as it quite possibly/probably is full of aventurine!
  13. Right on. Thanks for the confirmation! Had a feeling it was a less common Rainbo. Cheers!
  14. This one has managed to evade my attention every time I've gone tilling thru my marbles in the eternal struggle for perfect organization .. Heh. Anyways, finally took notice of it because it seems kinda like an odd coloring for a Rainbo. So yeah, any thoughts? Thanks for looking!
  15. Right on. I've had them both for some time but for some reason never noticed that they were anything even close to corkscrew patterned until just the other day. Thanks for the confirmation. 😁
  16. Ah.. I see. Thanks for the correction, and the subsequent knowledge that comes with it. 🙂
  17. I wasn't able to get the fire captured in a pic very well on those two, but it's certainly there. 😃
  18. Though I'm on the fence with these two..
  19. What'ch'all think..? (wow that is so much harder to type than it is to say)
  20. These are both the same marble... Was just too cool looking to filter it down to just 6 or so pics.. Heh.
  21. Not quite 100% on this on actually...
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