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  1. Sorry I was so defensive about this post, I have a touchscreen laptop and iPad so I was able to see it up close.
  2. I love how you incorporated the Akroware in the photos. Wonderful idea William!
  3. I love this one my two favorite colors! Simply beautiful.
  4. Bet you can guess which one I took! Happy Akro Friday!
  5. This one is beautiful Ric, the first one almost looks like it’s a smiling face!
  6. Well folks, I’ll have a definitive pick by Monday.
  7. That third marble is “tres magnifique.” Your photography is excellent. I’m learning and was told to go outside to photograph, I never have the light right or something is off. I am trying to learn and I appreciate your comments. I knew nothing about marbles except my brother collected them in the fifties and he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam in 1969; so, my Papa encouraged me to collect them in his honor, because my brother was my life. From now onmy husband will take my photos, I won’t include a bit of whimsy. Thank you for teaching me, I do not mean to appear unappreciative or defiant. I am so happy to be in a group of knowledgeable collectors and those who have made history like the WV guys. I appreciate each and every one of you. You all have welcomed me and made me feel like a part of a family, what could be better? Thank you all for everything.
  8. Perhaps a more seasoned member should pick, plus I think you know what I’d choose.
  9. My Akro oxblood patch taken outside with the guardian of my house!
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