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    As im getting older, I find myself loving the history of almost anything.

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  1. Moderator note: Continued from https://marbleconnection.com/topic/20437-please-post-examples-of-cac-exotics There was a cache found?!?! Ohhhhh I’m getting out the snacks. Fill this lil Canadian in. I just came here to search about some possible CACs’ in my box. Omg 😲 I just reread my comment lmao that last bit is too funny to erase
  2. An old box I picked up locally, which is odd in itself. The mix is heavy on the Vitro I think. I’m thinking of taking a group shot. I’ve come across some interesting ones in it. Thankyou for the help. I’ve gotten so much enjoyment from this group.
  3. Here is another odd vitro. I was so excited to find this old link 🤩
  4. Finally!!!! Okay I’ve gotta bookmark this for later
  5. This will be easy for y’all but not meeeee
  6. okay. Pics aren’t the best. Hopefully that yellow truly shows. Also 1 pic might look like there’s a dip at sides.. that’s a shadow.
  7. Omg I’ll have to take pics when I’m back but I bought a batch of oldies here in Ontario I think one of these are in there. This site is the best guys. Thankyou for that 🥰🥰🥰
  8. This has been a great discovery. Thanks for all of your research folks.
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