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  1. Jiminohio


    Some random pics
  2. Good advice , I Thank you …
  3. Are these all jabos? I’m thinking of buying them ….but not sure … jim
  4. Lol . Thank you sir ! The lighter is pretty cool …. have a great s day!! jim
  5. So I’m working I guess you’d call it a double or a triple thurs/fri … I have a rush on a phase of the project I’m on and I made promises to have some of it 100% done before I went home and I started at 11 am … it’s now 11 pm and I’ll be here another 10-12 before it’s done , but I digress …. In the meantime , I had to go pick up tools and it was in a rural area and I stopped at a grave sale and bought all these for 10 bucks .. not sure if they are anything better then Vacor , but there pretty neat. All of them are approx 3/4 to 7/8. Thanks for any help !! Sorry about the crappy images . I’ll get better photos when I get home … jim
  6. So I went to the holiday inn on Friday and met wvron and his 2 friends ( who’s names I cannot remember .. sorry ). … ended up selling 25 of my mibs, learning a lot about the rest of my marbles ( thank you Ron). Then I decided to browse one last time through the hotel rooms… ( as that’s how it was , people selling just opened their door and you just walk in and look or buy or sell or take a nap , use their shower , etc .. ok that was a little far fetched , but I’m sure you get the idea ) And I ended up spending $27 for the marbles posted here which I was told we’re mainly pelts and of course an akro snake and I think an auger and I think Akro patch but not sure .. all in all I am very happy but would still like to know what these mibs are…. thanks again to Ron , I appreciate your knowledge and unmatched fairness and willingness to help ……. Ditto and I had a ball …
  7. Omg … where can I get a salesman’s sample box!!! I want one !! In the meantime , what should I pay for this box? Any thoughts?
  8. 3 to id. Thanks!
  9. Ty! I appreciate it .
  10. More from the goodwill bag . I swear I see whispy white in at least the first of the 3. Is it a Popeye? A Popeye patch? Are any of them anything?
  11. These are all fairly big . Approx 1 inch or very close … but I haven’t a clue who thank you jim
  12. Ok the first marble is about .65 or so abs it looks fairly boring… then I used the flash and it’s a very cool looking marble … but I have no clue who it is by … the second “set” of akros I got out of a bag of marbles I got at the goodwill .. lol … go figure … my question is …I know Akro but what line? thanks jim
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