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  1. Yes! I remember them as shipwreck!! Thank you my friend!
  2. Merry Christmas Steph! I think you are correct, thanks Alan
  3. Pretty sure the initials are N.O.R. I have forgotten everything I ever learned about contemps. 🤣
  4. friend me on Facebook if you can. DERRICK DEHAAN
  5. Thank you, nothing compared to the really serious folks. But a lot of fun for just about any collector.
  6. I've started a gallery with large group shots that we can work off of. Tons more to come. Hopefully I did it right and there are different albums. I'll add boxes and bags album, vitro, Akro, etc
  7. These are crappy iPad pictures , of course I can get better images of stuff that is of interest. Maybe I should start a thread each week with a handful? I’m open to suggestions for sure.
  8. My interests have changed, my eyesight not so great. Another baby on the way and a two year old that keeps me busy. Rather than list every single marble, I’m thinking posting groups of them and we can go from there. Like I say, the kid keeps me busy and we are prepping the spare bedroom for our daughter due in December. Not to mention the rest of “life”. Many of you know me or know of me from years back. As I said, my eyesight isn’t the greatest anymore. Every marble is more than welcomed to be returned for a full refund if you aren’t happy. Those that have somewhat of a relationship with me are more than welcome to hav the marbles sent to them for inspection before exchange of funds. If not what you like, simply return them (I can even supply return costs). If there is something in particular you want or are looking for feel free to ask. Some barrel of fun in California has started cherry picking already 👀🤣😂. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can to messages. Or friend me on Facebook and use messenger there. Ive been out of the loop for many years now so we may have to do some back and forth on pricing.
  9. Very obvious, someone is gonna get an expensive lesson.
  10. catfish


    Okay, I bit. Ordered a lot of 45 tonight.
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