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  1. Are those rare? I'm pretty sure I've got a bunch, I knew they were Vitros but I didn't know what type.
  2. I suck at everything. Marble ID is something I suck at bad. Oh well I guess you have to go all in at something in life, I'm the best at sucking. (Sucking at doing stuff, not literally sucking stuff)
  3. Are they common? I didn't even know the Japanese made marbles, except machine made catseyes?
  4. I even have a whole little collection of "V" marbles somewhere. I have some wedding cake ones too.
  5. The bigger bumble bee has aventurine in the top patch. The three black marbles are actually black not dark purple or blue.
  6. I don't think I have any submarines, I do have quite a few of those exact slag marbles. I actually have a whole bunch of other slags too. I will try to dig them out tonight or tomorrow and post some pics. The very top one you posted, I have one just like the but it is dark green.
  7. Nice clear skys, you should be able to get some good photos of all the ufo's out there
  8. Im not sure, I just like them because they are so big. Ill have to get into the ones in the tubes. Those are the crazy ones. I really like the jar, its super nice!
  9. Yes I couldn't remember how to pronounce it thank you
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