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  1. Is it true that a transparent red base is very rare in a helmet? Seems so with these pics...
  2. I had a true 7/8ths red and yellow popeye...sold it years ago for good$$...haven't seen one since.
  3. just had to return a "wet mint" 2 color snake from them......it had been polished and still had visible defects from smoothed out chips. GRR!
  4. This is amazing...click on the marble machine video once at this site..... https://www.facebook.com/Whoatastic/videos?fref=photo
  5. this guy is quite serious.... i sent him the link to this thread.... here's his response New message from: bybytoys (1,124) Made in Vienna some time prior to the 1945 move to Pittsburg. called Tri lites three color. I believe the Peltiers teamed up with the Vitro family and shared secrets until the Peltier brothers moved out and opened there own company in the United States. Although mine all clearly have a least 4 colors and the added patch. None of the Tri lites pictures below have the added patch and last extra clear layer. See if you can expand the picture below. Thanks very much. Bob. Details about item: sirmarble sent a message about Vitro Sparkler Brushed Oxblood Popeye 6 Color Marble #1 of 6 #272129149486 http://marbleconnection.com/topic/21806-vitro-sparkler-brushed-oxblood-popeye/
  6. Thanks, I was thinking the larger sized marbles might be a little more HTF....Still a good find!
  7. Hello all, Found this bag in a box at an estate sale...only marble related thing in the whole house. Seems like the marbles are 13/16ths by my eye. Are these considered parrots or parakeets or???? Value Please? Thnx
  8. Here's a couple of what I believe are Akro Experimentals...true black patch on a highly florescent base. Wish I had more of these in different sizes! Anyone?
  9. oops, meant to post that in the color of the month thread
  10. Here's a couple you don't see that often... I believe they are Akro Experimentals with a true black patch on a highly fluorescent base. Wish I had more of other sizes!
  11. You would also like these for the party! Straws or stirrers....
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