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  1. I apologize for the poor quality of the 3 mibs. I guess I am getting taken in by the V's on the shooter as they are very distinctive. The last one still has me wondering as one exactly like it is being advertised as a Guinea for $350.00 I believe on ebay. Not good for collectors if things are as blatant as that unless you really know what your are doing.
  2. The first pic I believe is Vitro at 1.02 in. The next three left to right, 1st I believe it is Pelt at .61, but I have never seen one like this-does it have a name? 2nd at .64 I'm hoping is not a Jabo as I have several that came in the same jar. 3rd at .61 I can't see any distinctive cut lines or swirls to even attempt a guess. The Fourth I found in a jar purchased several weeks ago thinking it looked foreign, but intriguing, so I took photos and put it away. Apparently I put it away to well as I can't find it now, but would like to know if I should be tearing things apart as I just saw an ad of one for sale advertised as a guinea. As I remember it was approx. .58 but it has a pontil, that is even easy for me to identify, but disqualifies it as a CAC. Not sure the pics show it properly. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks again wvrons. I'm learning
  4. Great and thanks wvrons! The possible #3 of 1st group couldn't possibly be Akro with Oxblood could it?
  5. It has taken me a week to sort through the 3 jars of mibs found last weekend and came up with at least one jar full out of the three that I believe are goods ones. Unfortunately I am only able to identify properly about 20 of them. Only with Marble Connection have I been able to do that. I found some nice Pelts, Masters, Vitros, Alleys and a couple of Germans. Posting some of the others will help me. Thank you in advance and by the way I donated a little and will do more in the future.
  6. Thanks again Chad. I have a few of the old mibs with those type of pontils and understand them; however, I read Blocks latest addition of Marbles and got the impression that some old marbles have crease, pinch and fold pontils on transitional like I described above. So I guess I you have to figure out if you have a transitional or not for those types of pontils to apply. Man it is easy to get led astray.
  7. I must be confused again as I thought there was such a thing as a pontil which took the form of a quarter moon and someone called it a fold pontil. The those types of marks are easily discernable on three of these mibs. They edges are smooth to the touch and are definitely not caused by a hit. I find them on a lot of mibs that are obviously not 100 years old so I wish someone could tell me what causes them and what they are called.
  8. Thanks Chad, disappointed, especially about the blue one but good to know.
  9. Don't know when the verbiage is placed like it is
  10. My wife just came home from a trip with these. The 3 of the 4 white ones have crease pontils but no color on the backside like the pelts I have seen. The blue one looks more like a Pelt but I'm not sure you can tell from the photos. Popeye is.85, Aunt Jamina is .97, Tracy's are .96, Donald is .96. They all have a couple of flea bites and don't appear to be new.
  11. Thanks Chad and William. That hallmark is certainly a "B" so that is probably Boyd's. I wonder how old it is as I have never seen any before. I will be putting some up for ID as soon as finished sorting.
  12. Did not see where to post wild finds anymore so I'll put in a photo and a request for ID's of something different for me. You guys turned me on with the posts of slag glassware and bottles. Hope it isn't fatal.
  13. Wonderful information. Thanks for taking the time to educate the newbie. Hope I can reciprocate sometime.
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