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  1. But yes I would like to figure out if they are corkscrew, swirl, patch, etc
  2. Yes! Apologies, I meant type. I’m guesses they are all glass but I’ve seen many calling them like actual names. Like a red yellow and blue one I have is called a Superman. I guess it may be like a nickname?
  3. That is the issue that I have been running into a lot. I search up the initials, or anything I can, and end up finding nothing. I have many more that have signatures but also hundreds of others that do not. Do any of the artists on these look familiar? Or would you be able to tell me the design of any of the others? I also have many others I can send you as well!
  4. Hello! The second one has was looks to be a KB 96 on it, and the green and orange one (only green and orange no yellow blue green and orange) has a TP 96 on it. The rest I do not believe have any signatures. #1 is 3/4”, #2 is 1”, #3 is 1 3/16”, #4 (yellow and red) is 13/16”, #5 is 1”, #6 is 15/16”, #7 is 13/16”.
  5. ? I said I was in North America?
  6. I am in North America!
  7. Is there any way I could find out what kind of design they are? Like manufacturer and design name? I know most of mine are modern.
  8. Hello everyone! Could anyone help me identify these marbles? I have inherited a very large collection from a lifelong marble collector who passed away and would like the figure out what kind of marbles these are. I also have hundreds of others ones I could also show. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you! :)
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