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  1. Thank you akroorka. Your effort is much appreciated!
  2. Thank you for your help Steph!
  3. Sorry if this is a silly question…but looking at MF Christensen Imperial Jade marbles, they look very similar to me. I am not saying this is what mine are, but I’m wondering how do you tell the difference? Can somebody explain? Is it size or shininess or something else?
  4. Ah ok. I get it. Thank you
  5. Thank you. I can understand how an iD would be difficult, especially through pictures which don’t capture the detail so well.
  6. Thank you so much. With my untrained eye, it looks like all three veins, orange, yellow, and white, all cross through. Am I misunderstanding something?
  7. These are probably nothing special but I want to make sure. The first one is 15/16” and the second one is 7/8”. It’s hard to capture the swirls with the camera but they both have them. And again it would be great if somebody can explain what you see that makes you come up with an ID. Trying to learn. Thanks.
  8. I’m trying to learn about cats eye marbles. There are so many varieties. This one is very different from all the others I have. Very light colored, hard to see orange and yellow vanes. Along with an ID, it would be great if somebody could explain how you know so I can learn. Thanks. Oh…it is just a tiny fraction smaller than 5/8” at 39/64”.
  9. Maybe I’ll post the pictures to Reddit. Somebody always comes up with answers over there.
  10. Me too. We’ll probably never know.
  11. No idea and I don’t want to be the one to taste it to find out 🤣
  12. Husband managed to split the inside piece. It was very hard. Even more intriguing. Probably a ball of asbestos ☠️ 😂. I’ll probably never know for sure what this “marble” was.
  13. Newblue


    Nice arrangement. Thank you for the explanation.
  14. Here it is…and it is NOT a dinosaur egg 😂. The outside cracked off easily. The inside isn’t cracking. I’ll keep working on it.
  15. I’m feeling about ready to crack this open. I’m so curious to see if the inside is the same.
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