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  1. Griff, Just curious have you tried to take pics of these outside??
  2. In Steph's defense I believe her wording of Rainbo was just a Typo. It's a Rainbow IMO. FWIW
  3. Here's the book a good read and reference book. Small but good. Ebay ID# 250314619366 Search under Cats eye Is it me or what but I cant get a link to operate in the righ manner?? Marble mental has the greatest thread ever on Cats. Need to take a look at it.
  4. Those dont look like Champions to me. I think I see a Cats Eye.
  5. OK now here is a picture of some Goldenboys that I sold for a very good price a couple years ago. As you notice there is NO white at all. I think that the one at question may be a blue boy, But I am not sure. Yes it must be transparent with veneered on colors as the ones in my pic are.
  6. Gonna paint it to look like a WV Swirl??? LOL But sweet resto job dude gotta love old muscle brought back to life.
  7. This one would be fun to say the least. http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/6155598
  8. Not really sure if this means anything or not in regards to Albright. Plus I got a new scanner and needed to try it on something. This is a page from the book Collecting early machine made marbles By Robert S. Block Right side of page first paragraph down mentions Albright. Hope I'm not going to jail for showing it. Lol
  9. Carl, Thanks for the kind words. I only wish there were more people in marble land that had an opinion on this marble. I would really like and value peoples opinions. So how about it folks??
  10. Alan, At this point in time I do not have this marble in hand. But from what I remember there might not of been a noticeable seam. Not to say there was one or not. I guess Lizzy would be the one to answer that one. She knows so much more about seams and such than I do. But I really thank you for your observations on this marble it is greatly appreciated. The photos that Lizzy took pretty much show the whole marble
  11. I do not believe that it was decided if this was a Akro Corkscrew or not. I do believe it is. Could it just be a very early one??. There has too be someone out there who as seen or has a very early Akro. ANYBODY??? I still do not believe that nobody has ever seen a corkscrew that looks like this one. Look at all the pics again and read the replys. I would like to put this marble away or sell it but want to get the maker right. Please help me
  12. Here is some shots of the other pole I hope this helps.
  13. Here are some more pics of my mystery marble. I took these pictures near a window with bright sunlight shining. I tried to get a good clear pic of the poles and I think I did. Also added a few pics of the whole marble seeing as how the sunlight made the colors stand out. The colors DO NOT loop back. They cork around the marble. Look at the pics and let me know what ya all think. THANK YOU for all the help.
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