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  1. One of the biggest bargains I have seen.
  2. Ditto to what Romaoak said. I'd say "right as rain "............ and mouth watering.
  3. Kokoken

    The Cac Pastel Box

    There were 3 mibs missing when I acquired it. I added just three ( well, maybe 4 - I forgot )
  4. Kokoken

    Rarer Than Hens Teeth?

    Very nice and rare............ ditto to all of the above.
  5. Kokoken

    Examples Of Exotics?

    Yes, somewhere on my computer. email me your email and I will email it to you so you can post it. ken@humphreyprinting.com
  6. Kokoken

    Examples Of Exotics?

    The big pic of 100's of halves is Dave Art's collection.
  7. Kokoken

    Examples Of Exotics?

    The above pic by Bill Tow should put a lot of questions to rest. Bill also took a fine pic of a very large number of halves ( maybe 300 ) of which some could be considered exotic ( maybe 20 or 30 ). This thread has been pretty civil, thanks.
  8. Kokoken

    Examples Of Exotics?

    Yes, Above marbles are mine. Great photography by Bill Tow.
  9. Kokoken

    Examples Of Exotics?

    Not trying to be vague but I think July or August of 2002 is when I wrote my first check to the Arts. No one has mentioned the 1st seller in Ohio which Was a very nice lady by the name of Thelma My last check to her was in March of 2002. Her selling was even shorter lived than the Arts was. BTW, all of the above sellers treated me quite fairly. Nothing clandestine at all except I think they liked dealing with just a few buyers with good credit. Yes, their prices increased as their supply decresed. Nothing new there. If they decide to part with any more beauties, I hope I am the 1st one they contact. I spent quite a bit of money with them and wish I had spent more. I consider the Art brothers to be quite knowledgeably good guys.
  10. Kokoken

    Examples Of Exotics?

    Here are some of my favs..........
  11. Kokoken

    Kokomo Marbles Box With Marbles

    Last Summer some diggers here in Kokomo found lots of mibs and pieces of which I acquired quite a few. I think those mibs in the box may very well be genuine Kokomos. If I had better pics I could be more definite. That box was actually mad in two different sizes. That is the larger size box and in very good condition - probably better than mine.
  12. A finely detailed, engraved certificate. In lower left corner of the border, above " Mount and Co" you can see the word " Goes" worked into the border. That is the name of the creator of the certificate blank . The company, Goes Certificates, is still in business today.
  13. Kokoken

    Flame Off

    #2 and #3 are CAC
  14. Kokoken

    M F C: Show And Tell?

    Brian and Hansel's knowledge and contributions to the hobby are invaluable and much appreciated. They are two of just a very few people whose marble knowledge can be compared to pioneer Fred Wright of Kokomo, Indiana.
  15. Kokoken

    Christensen S/o

    It is right as rain and a VERY rare color combo, IMHO.