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  1. LOVE seeing all this Akro and Bruce, that Green Shooter Auger, awesome! I've found it pretty difficult to find larger Spirals and/or Onyx. I'm a little late to the Akro Friday party, but here's one of my new ones 5/8"
  2. Awesome, I'd love to see it at a show, it's a great mystery! -Jess
  3. In the first photo below, if you look at just the top row, and focus on the Blue, it's definitely a corkscrew. But if you look at just the bottom row, same marble, and focus on the yellow, it does that switchback in your marble, Bruce. And the Limeade below, it also has that switchback, and the fold-over that it looks like I'm seeing in your backlit photo (included below as well) I don't have a clear answer on corkscrew or not, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in here. I think Akro on yours Bruce.
  4. Wow, I sure would have considered that one polished immediately, clearly I don't know enough about handmades Thank you for sharing that, even though I don't collect handmades, that is very good to know! Edit: I meant to quote Ron
  5. These are great, thank you! I especially like the surface is very spherical and slippery, that is a great tell tale sign, it's the first thing I try to look at, but still haven't gotten that skill down. And since you mentioned it, I once received an oxblood that was polished that I need to find and share here, it was very clearly altered. -Jess
  6. I received both this Popeye and Limeade as polished, the seller listed each as a buffed or polished, so I wasn't duped, I bought them to use as a reference. They're very nice marbles, but I like to know when I'm buying a buffed or polished marble, doesn't hurt to spread the knowledge. The easiest thing for me to identify as polished is how the wispy white ends unnaturally and kind of jaggedly, more easily seen on the Popeye Does anyone else have any good pictures of buffed/polished marbles? Or have any other tell-tale signs? Thanks, -Jess
  7. Holy cow Chad! That top left, is that just a plain white patch??
  8. Absolutely, Steph, you are an amazing asset to the entire marble community. You have the organizational brain that I don't, and I love that you can document and record historical info here. I've been gone from this page for way too long, and when I wanted to find out about something new to me (Akro boxes), the first place I came to check was here, Steph's Study Hall. Steph, you're an inspiration. I literally feel inspired to donate to the page, thank you.
  9. I've had that same bug bite for about 16 years, and the only relief is fresh Akros
  10. Different. A lot of the black streaks found in Oxblood, and very little Oxblood Just a hair under 5/8"
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