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  1. Holy cow! Amazing collection of Akro ware And I see you like the Oxblood Very nice pics !! And thank you! Omgosh, I am having so much fun re-photo-ing all my marbles, it makes them seem new again lol
  2. Nice Blueblood! It's my favorite day of the week! Akro Friday This one is a little different. A metallic corkscrew 21/32"
  3. I envy you being part of that club. I knew I had seen it before, and remember it for the marble graphic displayed on the lighter :\ I do wish I had been a collector back then, but I only joined the 'Lower 48' in 1999 and started collecting marbles about 2004. When I start to think about it, even if I had started collecting earlier, I lived in Alaska. Before the internet. I probably had slim chances anyway
  4. Glassy clean surface on those Ric! I'm always amazed at marbles that have survived almost a hundred years in pristine condition. Beautiful. The last one in the photos below, the Yellow and Black, I love for the surface texture, although I still don't know what causes those loopy fractures in the third view of that Yellow and Black. -Jess
  5. Fantastic Akros! And that Collector's Club lighter is something else. I know I've seen one before, is this the only one Ron? Or were several made? -Jess
  6. Pink is definitely one of the rarest colors in Akro If you've got more of those, that is amazing. -Jess
  7. Thanks guys! Free is the best price Chad can't wait to see more photos! Love the lashes on the Yellow and Red cork, and the UV patch, outstanding, and great capture on the trail of micro bubbles down through the center of that Onyx. That last mib posted, I have one just like it, yours is the only other one I've seen, so cool!
  8. An early one I couldn't wait for tomorrow. This is my new favorite, I like that tail in the second photo, the Periwinkle trailing up over the Green on the right side of the photo. 11/16" -Jess
  9. Not very bold aventurine like the beautiful examples you all are sharing, but Akro AV. This was fun to discover.
  10. With an opaque marble and this lens, there are severe shadows with the one flashlight. I will probably try a second mini Maglite first, one on each side. Maybe that will help.
  11. Thank you! Not on a stand, I take my pictures on a black tshirt, that is what the marble is sitting on. I lay the light source, one of those very small led flashlights, on the same level as the marble. It works great for transparent based marbles, I'm still trying to figure out a lighting situation for opaque marbles.
  12. That sunshine lit it up. Great tip, thank you Chad!
  13. Peltier mib enjoying some sunshine and fresh air
  14. I know exactly what you mean about the couple hundred tries LOL!! I see the blue! So is blue harder to capture? I will definitely take that marble out in the sunlight tomorrow, and see if I can get some better AV pics. I'm excited to try it.
  15. Thank you! It is literally the first time I've ever been able to capture AV.
  16. Thank you! Ovalized 9, great term, a clear descriptive
  17. This was a clip on lens for my cell phone. $40 on Amazon. It makes a world of difference in clarity. I just need to figure out a good lighting set up. Shadows are now an issue that I really haven't had to deal with before. I also need to find a good light source. Focus is hard to figure out. It has a very narrow or small focus field (a shallow depth of field), when it is lined up perfectly, the very center is in focus, and the further away from the center focus, the blurrier it gets, to where the outer edges of the marble are out of focus. Fun work
  18. Holy cow! That is some amazing camera work, very nice!!
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