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  1. Road Dog

    Post Some 9's

    Some 9's and maybe a 6 or two.
  2. Road Dog

    slag on the 'bay

    I was watching this one too. I have a 1.25" similar to this. Probably just rounded to 1.3" on the size. Kinda pricey to me too.
  3. Found this big translucent Mellon Ball earlier this year for a dollar. Just shy of 1".
  4. Road Dog


    Nice to see you're still around.
  5. Road Dog

    Slag discussion point: Yellow

    Here's my handgathered yellow in this group. Always thought of it as CAC.
  6. Road Dog

    Who All Made Vaseline Slags?

    A few. There is a pelty in the second pic.
  7. Road Dog

    Color Of The Month

    My Purple Pic
  8. Road Dog

    Please Post Pics Of Akro Slags

    Here is a group of assorted 9's. Some lefties too.
  9. Road Dog

    Green Tansitional Slag

    Galen is on target.