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  1. Lee Linne has a very nice collection of the two types pushed together. It was fone when one cane was heated up and stuck to the end of another. Not extremely uncommon.
  2. Recently acquired Very hard to find box of Machine made 2 seam American Agates. The other box of AAs is handgathered
  3. lstmmrbls


    Not Oxblood and Akro is the Only American company that made true corkscrews
  4. lstmmrbls


    I believe those are Asian marbles sold by the German reseller
  5. Looks Brickish to me I would like to backlight it with a super bright light
  6. I was in a lot of those battles😛 Its just the name on the bag, but certain varieties are more common to the bags so some folks started calling those types Champion Juniors , Hardly ever hear it any more (at least not from anyone that hasn't already had their 70th birthday(LOL)
  7. Twisted up All Red is what I see
  8. The red base ones I have seen were of the Foreign Mushroom type, on those the stripe will be the same glass as the transparent base glass'
  9. looks like a lot of newer Bulgarian types in the mix
  10. A little late to the play but here are a few. I obviously thought a lot of them at one point in time, And the center marble is a perfect example on how rarity does not necessarily equate value , It has a true black stripe and is the only one of this color I have ever seen or heard of. But I probably couldnt get 100 bucks for it. Heck $20 would probably be an ebay high bid.
  11. I believe I had an MFC slag just a hair under 2", Should be an old post about it somewhere. Traded it for a group of CAC 3/4"+ which included the Batman marble with the Joker and a penguin on it
  12. Yes, I believe there were other Marble Manufacturers besides Vacor in Mexico, Still looking for the evidence I have somewhere.
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