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  1. I am not sure, need more and clearer pics for these old eyes
  2. I really don't like seeing damage on a marble unless it is an old Agate shooter. So they all go into the box that gets thrown out at the playground, Kids have found some really nice marbles! But I am a picky old fart. I lied, there are a couple old German Handmades around here with a little damage
  3. If I didn't have names on the bags I wouldn't know hardly any of the runs, mainly because I Don't care🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  4. All those bags are fantasy and really not worth anything as anyone with a printer and some marbles could make one
  5. there are several youtube videos of marble machines at work. I believe Jabo is shut down for good?
  6. If there was a demand, there would be a supply. Vacor de Mexico is currently making 20,000,000 marbles a day.
  7. I will be there Wednesday. This is the best vintage marble show IMO. Can't wait!
  8. A real pontil is almost always above the surface of the surrounding areas most chips and damage are below
  9. Some might call it a Caged solid core
  10. lstmmrbls


    Banded Transparent?
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