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  1. Mine is hanging on the wall with a bunch of other boards
  2. Wish I could stream some molten glass into a spinner cup to see what happens. It was also explained to me the "rod" was an improvement on the original patent so it would not be described in that patent. And the first corks before the "rod" were the kinda corks that many Ade types look like
  3. You all may have me convinced there was no "rod" it just seems that the stream would have twisted around not necessarily corkscrewed without something providing resistance. And what also explains the dark area and occasional twister like pattern down the center of some corkscrews? It was also explained to me to "rod" was above the shears
  4. I am not sure the item with the hole in the center is a spinner cup.
  5. One of the most important parts was the metal rod the glass flowed down under the orifice. This gave the stream resistance allowing it to corkscrew. Some transparents, especially the Reds, show a dark pattern down the center of the marble. Probably oxidation off the rod. I believe the early kinda corkscrews (Ades) were probably made before the rod was part of the process
  6. ☺️Here are a couple commercial versions
  7. DES MOINES IS ON! WEEK OF FIRST SATURDAY IN JUNE AIRPORT HOLIDAY INN : 6111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA 50321. The phone number to the hotel is: 515-287-2400.
  8. David made the one with PeeWees special for Landon
  9. I am not sure, need more and clearer pics for these old eyes
  10. I really don't like seeing damage on a marble unless it is an old Agate shooter. So they all go into the box that gets thrown out at the playground, Kids have found some really nice marbles! But I am a picky old fart. I lied, there are a couple old German Handmades around here with a little damage
  11. If I didn't have names on the bags I wouldn't know hardly any of the runs, mainly because I Don't care🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  12. All those bags are fantasy and really not worth anything as anyone with a printer and some marbles could make one
  13. there are several youtube videos of marble machines at work. I believe Jabo is shut down for good?
  14. If there was a demand, there would be a supply. Vacor de Mexico is currently making 20,000,000 marbles a day.
  15. I will be there Wednesday. This is the best vintage marble show IMO. Can't wait!
  16. A real pontil is almost always above the surface of the surrounding areas most chips and damage are below
  17. Some might call it a Caged solid core
  18. lstmmrbls


    Banded Transparent?
  19. Definitely the same manufacturer as the "Canadian Transitionals"
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