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  1. David made the one with PeeWees special for Landon
  2. I am not sure, need more and clearer pics for these old eyes
  3. I really don't like seeing damage on a marble unless it is an old Agate shooter. So they all go into the box that gets thrown out at the playground, Kids have found some really nice marbles! But I am a picky old fart. I lied, there are a couple old German Handmades around here with a little damage
  4. If I didn't have names on the bags I wouldn't know hardly any of the runs, mainly because I Don't care🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  5. All those bags are fantasy and really not worth anything as anyone with a printer and some marbles could make one
  6. there are several youtube videos of marble machines at work. I believe Jabo is shut down for good?
  7. If there was a demand, there would be a supply. Vacor de Mexico is currently making 20,000,000 marbles a day.
  8. I will be there Wednesday. This is the best vintage marble show IMO. Can't wait!
  9. A real pontil is almost always above the surface of the surrounding areas most chips and damage are below
  10. Some might call it a Caged solid core
  11. lstmmrbls


    Banded Transparent?
  12. Definitely the same manufacturer as the "Canadian Transitionals"
  13. I believe many came from the German dig sites as many showed up in the 90s on
  14. Lee Linne has a very nice collection of the two types pushed together. It was fone when one cane was heated up and stuck to the end of another. Not extremely uncommon.
  15. Recently acquired Very hard to find box of Machine made 2 seam American Agates. The other box of AAs is handgathered
  16. lstmmrbls


    Not Oxblood and Akro is the Only American company that made true corkscrews
  17. lstmmrbls


    I believe those are Asian marbles sold by the German reseller
  18. Looks Brickish to me I would like to backlight it with a super bright light
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