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  1. BMCC February Show in Canton August Show February Show Become a Member Exhibitor Form Contact Us February 3rd - 6th, 2016 (10:00 am to 3:00 pm) Canton, Ohio Public Admission is free, contact Brian Estepp for tables/reservation pricing. In room selling/trading begins Feb. 3th and ends Feb. 6th. (Location is close to Canton airport, with shuttles available from Holiday Inn - and plenty of restaurants close.) Actual Show will be Saturday in the Ball Room. Hotel has finished construction! For table reservations please contact Brian Estepp The public is welcome to attend in-room trading! The deadline for room reservations with the club name/group is Jan. 14th, 2016! Canton, OH. Holiday Inn 4520 Everhard Rd. NW Canton, OH 44718 330-494-2770 For questions or more information about this show, contact: Brian Estepp 614-863-5350 (home) 614-975-1203 (cell) [email protected] [email protected]
  2. Thats easy for me.One would be the turtle head marble,given to me by Kevin(my buddy in the wheel chair). The second would be a marble that Rich Stremme penciled me on an old clay. The third would be the first marble that I sprinkled with silver,and named it "Silver Fox",for Bobby Newman.
  3. Well,I was,and am still,the little kid that had to find out what was inside a golf ball. Ive always been that way.That kind of creativity comes out all the time.Came in handy when I was sprinkling marbles too. Most times,it comes from within,other times,someone will say something,and my light switch will get flipped. Gotta be careful though.I was also the little kid that pulled the plug,part way out of the outlet,and dropped a penny across the prongs,just to see what happened! Yes,I was smart enough(at 4) to drop the penny in,and not hold onto it. I no longer own the case.It was a test,and a gift for a friend of mine,who's"number" is 11. Baseball bats,pool balls,re-purposed cigar boxes,,,I even did a duck pin. Tried a regular bowling pin,but the "newer" pins have a plastic,outer layer that pulls away from the wood,when cut. It was just a regulation pool ball,I think it was close to 3 inch dia. AND NOW i KNOW WHATS INSIDE A POOL BALL,,,,,,,marbles!---lol Found a mini pool ball in a junk box at fleamarket(1&1/4 dia) It might be the next sacrafice to the marble case gods! THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS TOO!
  4. Just a little something I made for a custom,pee-wee display case.
  5. Yep,,Pennsylvania sulphide,,,,Ray Laubs,,Shippensburg,,,,,had a couple of those,,,
  6. Yeah,I dont have time to proof read you post Galen. Maybe Steph will help you out? I like Masters with oxblood,,,,,,pretty sure its glass too!
  7. Yeah Galen,that was some slam I did on you. Get yourself a sence of humor. You shouldnt act like your so sensative when you think nothing of writing something like this,,,,, " If you want to say Dave made Oxblood glass go right ahead." See,this is the offensive stuff.I dont need your permission to say anything.You dont need to make it sound like anyone needs your permission to say anything,EVER. I mean realy,what differance does it make,if the oxblood was made in a tank or in another tank and then added to a tank? Its not like the differance between an apple pie that was made from scratch,and one that was store bought. At the end of the day,accidental oxblood,intentional oxblood,oxblood glass or oxblood,all have 1 thing in commen,,,THE OXBLOOD! It does seem strange to me you would take such a strong position,being that you assume(by your own words) the ways "oxblood glass" was made at akro and mfc.
  8. Take a gob of glass and drop it onto a steel marver. Let it sit until it cools enough to handle and place in an annealer. When you pull out the cooled mass, the top will be domed, the edges rounded, but the bottom will have concentric rings/waves/chill marks. The transfer of heat on the bottom is greater to the cool marver (conduction) than the top in contact with the surrounding air (convection). Heat loss through radiation is negligible. Ok,now lets take the same glob of glass,put it on a steel marver,that is in constant movement,with multiple,random contact points.Lets not forget that the marvers(augers) do not carry an even temp.,from one end to the other.Whats the results? Take a gob of glass on the end of a punty. Flatten four sides on the marver and the end opposite the punty. You will notice again a waviness form on the surface. The corners will cool quickest (smallest cross-sectional distance). Followed by the edges and then the center. Notice the pattern that forms on the panel surfaces? Concentric circles or ovals. A great visual of how glass distorts,by an uneven loss of heat. But what makes a marble very special is that it is what it is -- a sphere. The distance from the center to any surface is equal. (All radii are equal.) The distance from any point on the surface back to itself is equal. (All circumferences are equal.) It is the only shape that gives the greatest volume with the smallest surface area. (Perfection.) Yep,this is true,no doudt,as long as it is perfectly round.Lets not forget,all circles a spheres have 2 sides.--in and out. Because of this physical trait, the marble can withstand quite a bit of cooling before failure. Not something you can get away with on a glass goblet where the cross section of the glass changes drastically from the lip, through the body, the stem and then to the foot. Think how long the first marble sits in a bottom of a collection bucket before that bucket is placed in the lehr for annealing? Marbles are pretty darn durable. So, as a marble cools on the surface as it is being "spun", it contracts uniformly. The surface tension of the glass surface increases and places the molten core under pressure. There is a point where the surface cools and the hot interior no longer has enough energy to reheat the surface. It is this point when one can safely place in an annealer. (Learned the hard way.) This would be true,in zero gavity,and the sphere is PERFECTLY round. A marble does not start out round.It is formed,into a sphere.The shape is close enough for the "balance" to be there.Only thing is,the surface tension is being influenced/disrupted by the migrating,intersecting, contact points,on the augers. You guys have fun in Mexico!
  9. Oh,I see now!,,,,the oxblood that came out of the tank at Jabo,wasnt oxblood glass! It was right in front of me and couldnt see it! I didnt fry the bacon,,the frying pan did it!------NOW THAT IS FUNNY RIGHT THERE!
  10. So,does that mean oxblood glass was made in the tank,at jabo?
  11. It was the gravity Mon,,,,must have been a full moon or something,,,,---LMAO!
  12. Well Ive seen oxblood glass go into a tank of molten glass.but Ive never seen it come out as oxblood.
  13. marble blank too hot,,the rate it cools on the rollers is too fast for the glass,,,,creates distorted surface. Mike,the reason the orange peel appeared every now and again at PM run,,,the tank was running hot and there will alway be a temp swing,every time strike glass was added to the tank.Ran hot,ran cold,ran hot,ran cold,,,,,,,,,,, Now Im gonna do an orange peel experiment by sitting down quickly,in a cold tub full of water! Dont think Ill take pictures though,,,,--LOL
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