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  1. Not what I have seen or would consider a CAC layered sand. I also am not sure it is CAC. Might be European ? I am not even 100% sure of the definition or requirements for a CAC layered sand. The second marble is Ravenswood Novelty. One thing I have learned over 25 years. Is not to base a identification or assumption of a marble because of other marbles in the group. Marbles get mixed easily, old and new, USA and non USA, etc. So many people have been upset with me, when I tell them they have a newer Jabo in their group. Which has never been touched, in the attic, basement, craw s
  2. Top two Champions 1990"s The bottom three are Alleys.
  3. Bills example is one of my all time favorite Akro Chocolate Oxblood patches. It is three shades of chocolate base. Even a slight bit of white chocolate.
  4. I have heard anemic oxblood. Oxblood color is suppose to look like the blood of a Ox. If you look up Anemia ,anemic or anemically = a condition in which the blood is deficient in red blood cells. So the best oxblood color may be lacking some red in anemic oxblood. Most times what is considered anemic oxblood is burnt oxblood the temperature to high for the thinner oxblood color. The higher or longer the temperature is to high the darker the oxblood will go until it is dark red, brown and then black then it disappears. From what I have heard the most, Akro Chocolate Oxblood people were r
  5. Alley Opal Lady has a translucent opalescent base when backlit. Slight yellow tint to the base. The Lady Tater has a definite yellow/brown mix base. There are other Alleys that have the same lavender, pink swirls. Not are are named. The Alley Kurly Kate is clear base and lavender/pink swirl.
  6. Yes, that was the last time I saw a picture of one. Nola and myself found a few for sale at the Sistersville WV show about 3-4 years ago.
  7. The originals above are later Champions.
  8. Alley West Virginian for both. The right one is the better version. Years ago these were considered CAC, just like the Blue Lady was. Many Alleys were considered and sold as CAC. The first Blue Lady that I ever bought, I purchased it as a CAC. Then years later I was crawling on top of them(Blue Lady and West Virginian)digging them and the matching cullet at a Alley site.
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