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  1. I don't think Akro made gearshift knobs. Pricing for Akroware is different for each type and size piece. Pricing is Also very different for each color. Some pieces there has been only one piece ever found. Prices can be from $1.00 to $1000.00 or more for one piece.
  2. Probably Vitro. Not positive with these pics.
  3. Vitro Black Line All Red. Vitro or Akro ??? I will go with Vitro.
  4. Davis never made a orange base swirl.
  5. I see the cross in the vanes now and with that chunky green coloring or av ? I am with MK cat eye.
  6. I think Kokomo did have some marble machines that were at Peltier. I don't know if any workers from Peltier that went to Kokomo ? But I also think Peltier used Kokomo glass for their marbles. So both companies did use the same glass. How long the time they used the same glass, I don't know ? Many companies have marbles that are very similar because the same or very similar glass was used to make the marbles. I am sure Cairo and Heaton used much of the exact same glass, probably out of the same dump truck. They were only 1/4 mile apart. But this is also when the companies had switched over fro
  7. Yes I think Kokomo got marble machines from Peltier. But Jabo got lots of machines from Vitro. Jabo marbles don't look like Vitro's. That is my point the marble machine just makes the hot glass glob round. Brian Graham in Ohio owns a old original Miller made machine from Peltier. He has produced lots of marbles with it. None looked anything at all like any Peltier ever made. Akro had Miller machines same as Peltier but the Akro marbles look different than Peltiers. It is another old myth that will not go away in my lifetime. That a certain marble machine made only certain type style or compan
  8. I think Peltier Jabo Alley
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