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  1. wvrons

    Oxblood ?

    Not Oxblood. Not black just thick dark red. Looks like it was dug, small lines, grooves, of abalone(silver looking). A reaction with some glass after being buried in the ground for a long time. Not all dug marbles do this or have this.
  2. You are on the right track Vitro or Akro. I am not 100% sure but would guess Vitro.
  3. 100% Jabo. Not any special investor run. Made before the 2008 + investor runs. They probably glow under back ight.
  4. Cannot tell for sure from this one view ? Peltier Vitro All Red Marble King Vacor Cannot tell for sure from this one view ? Marble King Peltier
  5. I would like to have a pair of those jeans. Very interesting and good history.
  6. The second one (orange) is Champion Agate. The others are common game marbles. Made by almost very marble company from 1930;s until recently. Very few can be separated to one company or a certain time frame. They were made in many different single colors. Sizes 1/2 inch, 9/16, 5/8 are the most common sizes. Some are 3/4 and 7/8 inch.
  7. Left to right Alley swirl Alley swirl Alley swirl Jabo Jabo
  8. Left to right. I assume they are all 5/8 size ?? #1 Vitro Tiger Eye #2 Alley #3 Vitro Conqueror #4 Akro patch #5 50% chance Alley-Ravenswood #6 Probably Champion
  9. Does the 7up transparent green base also have orange ribbons ? What fits the Pelt submarine family ? What are the requirements for the Pelt submarine ? According to this post there is some confusion .
  10. For me the Pelt Submarine is a transparent blue base with orange ribbons.
  11. Alley I have always like the odd drizzels. I could post a hundred or more. No two of them alike.
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