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  1. I do not see many of the Frank"s Alleys Jabos any more. They were made about 2003, same run as the first or early Jabo Superman. I was at Jabo when both were made. Most people has forgot the name or what they look like. But the serious Jabo collectors know them.
  2. All four Alleys. With the 5/8 Jabos similar to these. The red most times is wider, it will stay on the surface more, Many times the red will be in a C-U or S shape and on about half the marble. There is a 3/4 inch Jabo named Frank's Alley. Named for Frank Sellers a friend of mine and grandson of L.E. Alley. I have never seen a 3/4 Alley with this yellow base and red or orange. The 5/8 Jabo classics will also usually have small white marks, pecks, little sparkles, hits. They mixed the different colors of the 5/8 Jabo classics with 2 1/2 gallon metal buckets. A 1500-2000Lb. box of red, one of blue, one of green setting side by side along with a empty box. A metal bucket full or marbles from each box, dumped over into the empty box. So they have lots of contact spots. Lots of small or tiny white looking spots on a otherwise mint 5/8 marble beware of Jabo classics. The 3/4 Jabo Frank's Alley looks the nearest to these true 5/8 Alleys. Size matters. If like these and 3/4 it is 99% chance of Jabo. Alleys.
  3. Transparent colored base single color swirls were made by every company that made swirl type marbles. They were cheap and easy to make. So there were billions made. They are some that can be identified correct but most are difficult to separate. All the above is why most of these have very little collector value, 0.10- 0.25 cents each. My opinions are #1 Champion #2 Alley. The close up is a normal flaw a roll mark. #3 Maybe Ravenswood #4 Maybe Cario or Champion or Alox ?
  4. The yellow base with red is a Alley made at the Sistersville WV location, about late 1931-32.
  5. Correct ! Peltier Rainbo. No Superboy. Superboy is older better Peltier marble a NLR. Superboy is blue base and red ribbons but also has to be a NLR.
  6. Modern machine made and no pontil mark.
  7. The St.Marys Alley Ghost has to have a good amount of clear.
  8. Sad news. I remember that picture day well. I have some pictures from that day on my dining room wall. He sure could make people laugh, no matter where he was or who ever was around. When I think of him I smile. He liked making people smile and laugh. Rest in peace Ron !
  9. wvrons

    Two More

    Both Alley swirls.
  10. Being that size I would suspect Vacor.
  11. Condition is #1 with marbles. Zero collector value. Learn from them and give them to a kid if they will take them ?
  12. The 4th one down orange base, red an blue. Akro corkscrew with a big chip. The blues and green are Alley swirls. The last are common Vitro All Reds.
  13. Alley swirl made in St.Marys WV 1937 to 1949. Probably made 1945-1949. Common and value about 25 cents.
  14. I am not sure it is vintage handmade ? I am also not sure I see any pontil mark. What size is it ? It looks like it may be larger and maybe a contemporary newer marble. If so the pontil marks can vary a lot and may even be totally ground and polished off. If near one inch or less in may be a newer non USA machine made.
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