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  1. I think they are all modern Jabo's.
  2. wvrons


    Size makes a difference.
  3. The top left is either Alley or Jabo. Need more or better views to know for sure. The top right looks like Jabo. I agree the bottom two are newer modern handmade torch made marbles.
  4. Common Vitro Conqueror. No oxblood.
  5. I agree with all. Not MK, probably Vitro but chance of Akro ?
  6. Top left Cairo. The rest are Ravenswood.
  7. The flames sure look Alley, and a possible Alley. But Akro did different white bases with Milky Oxbloods. I have seen a few Milky oxbloods flame some, but not many as nice like this one. Plus the factor of trying to convince people that it could be Alley. So your best option is to put it with Akro.
  8. wvrons

    Help ID 18

    Akro - Vitro - Imperial - Maybe Jabo - MK - Master
  9. Akro - Alley - Jabo
  10. wvrons

    I.d req.

    Not much to go on.
  11. Most collectors think a Akro Carnelian should glow under black light. If Cairo it may glow or not glow. I am sure it is Cairo. Most if not all Akro Carnelian's contain white. Some people call the orange oxblood a Carnelian. Most of those do not contain white and most do not glow. So many do not consider those orange and oxblood as Carnelians. Here is link to a box or Akro Carnelian's. Easier than taking pictures of my box. I do not think your marble looks like these in the box. We all would like our marble to be some better than most actually are. But, it is what it is. It is your marble, you may place it or label it what ever you like. Just my opinion, is for Cairo. https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Akro-Agate-carnelians-marbles-in-original-box/153383499613?hash=item23b65e775d:g:UH4AAOSw5e5cah19
  12. Cairo Novelty. Many Cairo have the not so good seedy base glass and weak colors. Plus many Cairo glow under black light.
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