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  1. Find the Akro Silver oxblood. Find the Akro Lemonade oxblood. How many Akro snakes ? Ball bearings the marble killers !!!!!!!!! One ball bearing will ding 100+ marbles in short or long time. That ball bearing moves and it dings a marble or marbles.
  2. #1 Champion #2 Alley Akro made very very few swirl style marbes. #3 Generic - Cairo or Champion or Alley Akro made very very few swirl style marbles. #4 Alley #5 Ravenswood #6 Ravenswood if it has slight blue ? Or Champion #7 Game marble #8 Game marble #9 Generic - Jackson or Ravenswood or Heaton or Alley #10 Probably Master #11 Alley #12 Peltier
  3. wvrons

    And these

    Popeye has to have clear base. Looks like moss agate base and lots of white.
  4. Modern fiber optic marbles. No Salesman sample set.
  5. All Jabo , except the white base/red/blue, it is Vitro. The white base and red ribbons is not a Jabo.
  6. top row = Alley - Alley - Alley - looks like Akro corkscrew colors. I cannot tell if it is a corkscrew or not ? Bottom row = Ravenswood - messed up MK - Peltier - Slag
  7. Some advice. Learn and then buy. It is easy to overpay a lot for many marbles. The same money might buy less numbers but marbles that hold their value or increase in value. You already have a lot of marbles to sort and learn from. It is better to buy after doing your homework, autos, tv, marbles or about anything. Marbles are no different, know what you are buying. We have all made marble buys that later we wish we had not. Learning marbles and or their history can be life long. But it has many different rewards. Condition is number one with marbles. Every single mark decreases the value no matter how rare. If possible attend a marble show somewhere near you. There is a show almost every month, sometimes two a month. Might be not to far or far, but what you learn will pay off later. No better way to learn than see and have marbles in hand plus talking face to face with seasoned collectors. Long time close friends are made at marble shows. Several people travel from the west coast to the east coast, and from the east to the west, just for marble shows and visit with marble friends. Marble on !!!!!!
  8. Steph nailed them all three.
  9. Vitro Agate Parkersburg WV. The marble is called a black line All Red. Named by the Vitro Company.
  10. Correct Jabo. It would be so nice if all marbles had the company name on them. Probably from 2003 to about 2008.
  11. Akro. I see the eyelashes. More of those on Akro than Master. Fits Akro color combo especially for larger ones. I am with Akro 60% and Master 40%.
  12. Modern hand made contemporary. Many are marked with the makers signature initials etc. near the bottom pontil.
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