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  1. Gladys, most WV swirl company marbles do not show the cut line or seam. Some do but with most it is very difficult to find the cut lines. But every standard round machine made marble was cut twice. With WV swirl marbles traits can be size, color combinations, does it glow, the actual pattern of the swirl, the swirl coverage 50% or all over, inside outside, does the swirl stay on the surface or dive in and out. What are the ends of the ribbons or swirls like straight pointed rounded. Having for sure known examples to compare with. Colors can be very important, even slight difference in shades of color can help. Sometimes you can only narrow a marble down to two companies because they are so much alike or exactly alike. Alley was the first person to ever make a marble at Ravenswood WV. When he left, Ravenswood Glass, Ravenswood Novelty used his recipes and made marbles same as he did. But changed as time went on. Some people say WV swirls are the most difficult to separate by companies. Which there were several. There were nine or eleven swirl companies in Ritchie County WV, one county alone.
  2. A few look Alley for sure and a few look very much like Davis. Does any of the white glow in the blue and white ones ? Davis
  3. wvrons


    There are many types of contamination in the scrap glass cullet used and also around the furnace and machine. But the majority burns up with temperatures from 1000 to 2000F. Most any lube, cleaning or wiping down residue will burn away almost instantly. I think there are a few chemicals used in the glass that can cause odd smears on the surface of the glass. Different chemicals are or can be used by some to enhance the color, etc. Some marbles are made from nothing but the cullet and added colors. But some marbles do have extra additional chemicals added in the process. Glass is not all the same. Different glass requires different methods. The Alox machine had small holes wore in the rolls and repaired by filling them with copper. This copper repair will eventually wear off on the marbles as the copper is much softer that the rolls hardened cast steel rolls.
  4. I was misleading with my post above. Vitro does have one type of marble named Cosmic Rainbows. But they look nothing like your marble. They are clear base with lots of clear showing and thin bright colors most swirl inside and out to the surface. Marble King Rainbows refer to a large amount of MK marbles. As does Peltier Rainbo. I should have took my time and explained it better. Sorry about causing the confusion.
  5. wvrons


    It is probably copper. Not in the base glass, it is on or near the surface. Which is most common with metallics.
  6. Vitro has no marble referred to as Rainbow.
  7. People invested their own money to make marbles at Jabo. Valuable is a big word and different to everyone. They may be valuable to certain Jabo collectors. They can be valuable to children as toys or trade items. The can be valuable as a learning tool. Jabo marbles are sold on Ebay and other places every day of the year. Are they worth $100.00 no. Are they worth $5.00 to $20.00 probably.
  8. The two brown and green swirls are Heatons.
  9. Learn pontils. Only handmade marbles have pontils. But handmade can be antique, vintage or new.
  10. Those first four marbles are not from any marble cane. Marbles made from a cane are hand mades. All the marbles above are machine made. They are all Jabo marbles made at Reno Ohio. Most or all are from 2009-2012. The first four marbles are mistakes errors. The hot glass glob was to large for the roll grooves. Or it was to hot or to cold. The glob went over into the next roll groove and then was pulled off or removed for discard by the machine operator. Probably all the above are near 3/4 inch size. They are from one of the many special investor runs.
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