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  1. To many for me in one post.
  2. The first four rows are common for many companies. Most collectors consider them a type of game marble. Game marbles can be opaque or clear or colored transparent. The colored clearies can have all kinds of things or color inside. Just like some clear marbles do. Most or the vast majority of these cannot be identified because almost if not every machine made marble company produced them from 1930,s until 2000 or later. This and because of the large numbers found anyplace are why they have almost no value. Bricks are oxblood. There is no oxblood here.
  3. I agree if the third one is over one inch, it is Vacor. Size matters.
  4. Probably Alley swirl. But if it glows, it is Jackson.
  5. Top left Akro Cherry Ade. It should glow under a black light. Top right Alley swirl. Middle row left Peltier. Second Akro or Vitro. Third Alley swirl. Fourth probably Akro cork. Third row left probably Champion. Second, Egg shaped Master. Third probably Jabo with the clear base. Fourth MK or chance of Akro.
  6. Such great memories and good times with long time and new friends. Plus the marbles, artifacts, and more new information. Which was within hours of being lost forever. Chuck, Thanks for posting all this, for marble collectors everywhere.
  7. Jabo - Vitro - Vitro - looks newer ? - Alley
  8. Three modern contemporary marbles. The third one is a modern machine made marble, not old or handmade. Values #1= $15.00 #2= $3.00-$5.00 #3= 50 cents #4= $10.00 .
  9. wvrons


    The center and bottom right may be transitional, half hand made and half machine made.
  10. wvrons

    ID help please!

    The first 15 all look like Alleys.
  11. wvrons

    Be fun

    I agree Jabo and no oxblood.
  12. I don't know about wealth, it does not pay much. The people connected to many marble factories were amazed that anyone cared about what they did or made. Most all of them are gone now. All they ask of me was to share what they told me. I was a pest for them over several years with never ending questions. Some of them became very close friends to me. They are missed every week. Like most marble people, I wish that I had ask even more questions.
  13. Vitro never made any shift knobs or spinner knobs. I knew the plant manager who was there through the 1940's until the 1970's and the one until they closed. They both said Vitro never made any type shift or spinner knobs.
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