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  1. A Popeye has a CLEAR base.
  2. A true steelie is hallow and will have a X crimp on one pole. Ball bearings have destroyed more marbles than people have playing marbles. Each time it hits against a marble it leaves a mark some slight some big.
  3. I agree Jabo on the glowers. I sold ten of those same Vitro bags last year for $10.00 . Had them for sale at eight shows. Finally put them on ebay.
  4. The header looks very bright crisp and new looking. The one single yellow cat eye looks out of place with all the other swirls. The swirls may be Alox ? During the last auction at Alox many new rolls of empty mesh bags were sold. The remaining Alox marbles were also sold bulk. This bag and the marbles may have come from that auction. I think it is probably a fantasy header and the bag filled many years after the original bottle hangers were done. So many Alox bags mesh and plastic were filled long after the company closed. Rolls of Alox bag headers were also sold at the auction. Some Alox bags have the correct marbles and some do not. I think many of the Coke bottle hanger mesh bags were made years later from items purchased at the very last Alox auction.
  5. All newer contemporary marbles. Most of the makers sign or have their initials on the bottom of them. There are so many making contemporary marbles now that it is hard to know all their different designs and methods.
  6. So sad to hear this. I hounded her to find who produced some of those then called German Euro swirls. She dug into it, not easy but she proved without any doubt who made some of them. We traded marbles several times. Just today I found a bag of six marbles, marked from Winnie. I had not seen it for a few years. We emailed for a few years but not the last few years. She was a big help In solving another marble mystery. Rest In Peace Winnie
  7. 99% of the Coca-Cola bags are fantasy bags.
  8. There is what is known as gold lutz which is a type of man made gold color aventurine. Might be the pictures but all I see or the majority of what I see is seedy glass or gas/air bubbles. They look round to me. Most aventurine particles are different shapes flat or pointed, not round. Aventurine is opaque, not transparent. A 10-20X loupe can show the true details. If the sparkle or reflection is transparent and round, it is bubbles. If this marble was green color, the bubbles might look like green aventurine. The orange yellow marble may make the bubbles look like gold color aventurine.
  9. Sad news . I was lucky to meet him at Jabo, when he was helping Boyce. RIp
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